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An Invitation from William S. Peters Sr. of Inner Child Press to Submit to the Breast Cancer Awareness Anthology

Dear Readers, the name Inner Child Press will come familiar to you due to my most recent Sunday reflections.  This time, I am sharing with you the announcement that my publisher has made in order to raise awareness for breast cancer.  The term “cancer” in general is a tragic word for me, due to the multiple generations on my mother side having lost their lives to it.  While up to the latest generation the cancer type has been ovarian, the youngest family member, my sister-like only female cousin – again, on my maternal side of the family, has first developed breast cancer, then succumbing also to the ovarian kind.  Her diagnosis – as we have heard it probably one too many times – came very late, in addition, it has been a fatal misdiagnosis.  My maternal uncle – having been subject to a case study in his residential country, Germany, for male breast cancer was apparently a highly rare development, has also developed breast cancer a few years ago. By having been alert enough to have his symptoms checked early, he is being able to enjoy life among his loved ones.

I now leave you to the words of a professional leader poet of whose acquaintance I am proud of, William S. Peters Sr.:

an Open Plea

We are a collection of Writers, Poets and most importantly Human Beings. We write about many things, and each written expression is meaningful, if but to one ! It is when our voice come together in the collective that the meaning and impact of our words produce a more profound effect upon the Community of Humanity. I say this to you, for the world, “Our World” is in dire need of your voice. Word Xpress and Inner Child are making such a request for your voice pertaining the Consciousness of Breast Cancer. Many of our Sisters, Brothers and Family have been affected by this malady. The open Anthology may not cure the disease, but it can provide comfort through your words to such a Family member or family who is in need of your thoughtful and considerate words. Won’t you take a few minutes of your life and submit a few words to this important Human cause. It can be a Poem, Testimony, Prose or Prayer.

For more information about the submission guidelines, please go to :
Inner Child Press Breast Cancer Awareness

I thank you in advance for your loving consideration and contributions.

Bless Up



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Poem 4 for the Helping Tornado Victims in Oklahoma project by INDIES IN ACTION

to taste life


Drawn to unknowns,

grim prospects,


loss of hopes,


Black and white.


Grief leaves.

Grey appears

amid a mottled bouquet

donned in scents galore

in the arms of human laughter.

Joy overcomes sorrow.


© hülya yılmaz, May 31, 2013


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elation – to be published by Indies In Action in the Twist of Fate Anthology

bursting balloons wrapped in rainbow

carry the darkness up and away

splashes of refreshed, vivid colors

force the thunder clouds astray


arms wide extended, prancing to and from

myriads of rejoined, bracing town squares

shadows packed, locked, sent missing

more destruction, the storm no longer dares


frolicking wills move in instead

afar, nearby, nearing, or there

honed by the warmest, keenest of hearts

to soar over you, with utmost care.

Your new lives will not be bare.


© hülya yılmaz, June 1, 2013

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how else could we know of your sorrow? – Poem 1 for the Helping Tornado Victims in Oklahoma project of INDIES IN ACTION

we mourn those who are killed

whether by nature or human hands

form groups for support

join in the pain in any way we can

honor, reminisce, collaborate

beyond a swift case of heartache



we forget

in the face of the ease

amid traffic on cyberspace

who gave us the chance to compensate

for the immense loss of those violently killed


the reporting souls who often tend to get

the thunder, the fire, the flood, the twister effect

from us;

we frequently resend

their tongue, their style, what they account –

they are the ones whom we neglect


now that there was a deadly whirling wind

by which twenty-four human beings were killed

none will remain a mere number –

mourners, there are a plenty

including young school children

one of whom was amazed to see

the celebration of the dead and the living;

like the three hundred and seventy-five people injured –

in welcoming hope, their lives we get to embrace


schools, destroyed;

12,000 homes, damaged or vanished;

some owners, already named –

numerous volunteers, fast ready to help


we, too, are thus, enabled to step in

locals, non-locals, other continents’ residents –

in body, in spirit or by spreading the word out loud

by writing, speaking, or simply wishing

strength in heart to those young and old,

who mourn loved ones for their lives’ ceasing


for, we have learned of your sorrow

thanks to the efforts in reporting

by those who live any- and everywhere

but also there

where you again will call home

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Two poems from Can Yücel on the loss of love

Uğruna fedakarlık yapmadığın sevgiyi,

yüreğinde taşıyıp da kendine yük etme!

[Poem Source: Can Yücel]


Don’t burden yourself by carrying in your heart

the love for which you made no sacrifice!

[Translation Source: Self]



Yar’la bir olmayınca

yer’le bir oluyormuş insan…

[Poem Source: Can Yücel]


I got it!

You get destroyed…

when not with the beloved

[Translation Source: Self]


Once you live of what the same poet speaks in two separate poems through seemingly contradicting emotions, you know the feeling of being torn is an integral part of the suffering.


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Nazım copy

Hani derler ya,

Ben sensiz yaşayamam, diye.

Ben onlardan değilim.

Ben sensiz de yaşarım;


Seninle bir başka yaşarım…

[Poetry and Image Source: Nazım Hikmet]


You know what they say:

“I can’t live without you.”

I am not one of them.

I’ll live also without you;


with you,

my life would surely be something else…

[Translation Source: Self]


May it be through Turkish, English or any other world language – how do you define “living”? How about “life”?


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Elegy – 3

giving up love








Picture and Image Source: True Love never dies

While, in my view, nothing in life is ever as simple as the text above concludes, the heart, in immense despair, still tends to agree with the claim.


heart slows its beat

bloodrush in the head

at every grasp of the loss

asleep, awake,

or in a dreaming state

ears, deafened to sounds

eyes, blinded to colors

trembling voice in constant tears

thirst, hunger serves only to numb

elation departs

to leave behind

a fatal craving

to carry on and on


death comes

yet, not to kill

condemns to life

that undying void inside

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Elegy – 2

sense of paralysis

gaps in comprehension

rapid heartbeat

dryness in the throat

the mouth as well

eyes flashing

one memory after another

gasping for air

as if stabs here and there


could never say goodbye


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Elegy – 1

body numb

mind on hold

tremor in the hands and voice

fingers and feet on ice

stomach churning

head spinning

lips dried out


when will the ears have to hear,

or, the eyes read

what must have been long in process


how hot, the blaze on the corpse?

how deep, the cut in the heart?

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NaPoWriMo Challenge: Day 30


sense of paralysis

gaps in comprehension

rapid heartbeat

dryness in the throat

the mouth as well

eyes flashing

one memory after another

gasping for air

as if stabs here and there


could never say goodbye


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