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Guest Post

I have met my guest of today only virtually. Tali Cohen Shabtai was one of the poetry contributors to the most recent two anthologies that have been published by Inner Child Press International, Corona . . . Social Distancing and The Heart of a Poet. She and I have corresponded with one another on more than one occasion while I was compiling all submissions to the above-mentioned anthologies. When Tali inquired from me about an English-language platform of literary focus a few days ago, I have welcomed her here with enthusiasm. Please take a moment to get to know this young accomplished poet of an intriguing public voice.




Tali wants this one


My Guest’s Biography
as Written by Tali Cohen Shabtai


Tali Cohen Shabtai, is a poet, she was born in Jerusalem, Israel. She began writing poetry at the age of six, she had been an excellent student of literature. She began her writings by publishing her impressions in the school’s newspaper. Frst of all she published her poetry in a prestigious literary magazine of Israel ‘Moznayim’ when she was fifteen years old.

Tali has written three poetry books: Purple Diluted in a Black’s Thick, (bilingual 2007), Protest (bilingual 2012) and Nine Years Away From You (2018).

Tali’s poems expresses spiritual and physical exile. She is studying her exile and freedom paradox, her cosmopolitan vision is very obvious in her writings. She lived some years in Oslo Norway and in the U.S.A. She is very prominent as a poet with a special lyric, “she doesn’t give herself easily, but subject to her own rules”.

Tali studied at the “David Yellin College of Education” for a bachelor’s degree. She is a member of the Hebrew Writers Association and the Israeli Writers Association in the state of Israel.

In 2014, Cohen Shabtai also participated in a Norwegian documentary about poets’ lives called “The Last Bohemian”- “Den Siste Bohemien”,and screened in the cinema in Scandinavia. By 2020, her fourth book of poetry will be published which will also be published in Norway. Her literary works have been translated into many languages as well.

A Poem by My Guest, Tali Cohen Shabtai

I am Tali \ Tali Cohen Shabtai

I read prose only in the third person,
and only translated prose,
poetry, I also read in Hebrew.

I love Wislawa Szymborska, she copies in written word
the creation
in a brilliant fashion, and was recognized during her lifetime and was not among
the female poets who danced the ‘dance of death in life’
for that I lowered her credit.

I think it’s impossible to tag in one breath! A contemporary poetess with
characters that preserved the myth of the ‘cursed poetesses’. For they are
found only in the underground or tomb
There is no negotiation with this judgement

Mainstreamism repels me.
Bestsellers I do not touch.
I love nonfiction books.
Newspapers do not count at all as the writing and reading genre.

And my therapist I address in the second person singular
while omitting the third degree: “doctor”, it’s ok, it’s acceptable –
many poetesses have sat in my chair in front of him
Anne Sexton, Sylvia Plath,
and those who ended up as their own hangman.

I often write in the first person singular and also to talk
It is
my way to circumvent
myself from afar.

And do not ask what I often write about! I do not like rhetorical questions that belittle
my intellect.
Tali Cohen Shabtai.


Tali Cohen Shabtai’s Links:

Lexicon of New Hebrew Literature



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A Prose-Poem on Audio and as Text

I Do!

Do you ever reminisce about our sensation? I do! I had lain on the emerald ground, unwrapping myself in the softness of your scent . . . alongside the compassionate creek of our first encounter . . . cradled by the rays of the afternoon sun.

Do you ever look back on the tiny ripples anew? I do! They had slowed down to honor our euphoric reunion. Witnessing our fiery souls flow into one another, learning and approving.

The wind envied our harmonious spread, and assembled its brutal forces. Thus came the abrupt end. Like a lightning. Fiercely brash.

I had kept my delicate “i” at bay, hoping for you not to float on. I have since pampered, re-dressed and preserved the ‘what ifs’ of our oft-resounding dread. They insist on haunting me yet. My old self thus is entangled in a merciless no-exit-thread.

Would you have possibly favored me instead, had I opted to defy the boulder at the barricade?

~ ~ ~
From my latest book, Letter-Poems from a Beloved (prose poetry), available at Inner Child Press International and at



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A Prose-Poem on Audio and as Text

After You

Have you ever eaten helva, my love . . . accompanied by the sizzle of the slowly melting butter – anxious in its wait to savor each sugar flake, while the aroma of the browning flour oozes into your delightful breath, and milk drops – raptured in a dance of a most delicate blend, craving the urge to taste the ultimate feast?

Have you ever made helva, my love, when its core ingredients were scarcely found?


* Helva is a traditional Turkish dessert; a sweet dish that is said to have originated in the Middle East and Central and South Asia.



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Luxuries, 8 (A HAIKU on Audio and as Text)

A Luxury

the soul’s sufferings
a heavyweight agony
where is the laughter?

(c) hülya n. yılmaz, April 23, 2020

Bir Lüks

ruhun azapları
ızdırap, ağır bir yük
gülmeler nerede?

Türkçe’ye Çeviri: hülya n. yılmaz, 23 Nisan, 2020

Ein Luxus

die leidenschaften der seele
ein schweres gewicht, die qual
wo sind die gelächter?

Übersetzung ins Deutsche: hülya n. yılmaz, April 23, 2020


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Luxuries, 7 (A HAIKU on Audio and as Text)

A Luxury

no differences
mortality unites us
a virus did it

hülya n. yılmaz, April 2, 2020

(In Turkish translation)

Bir Lüks, 20

hiç bir fark yok
ölümcül olmada biriz
bir virüs yaptı bunu

Türkçe’ye Çeviri: hülya n. yılmaz, 2 Nisan 2020

(In German translation)

Ein Luxus, 20

kein einziger unterschied mehr
eins sind wir in unserer sterblichkeit
ein virus hat’s geschafft

Übersetzung ins Deutsche: hülya n. yılmaz, April 2, 2020


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Luxuries, 6 (on Audio and as Text)

Dear visitor, I am posting my weekly HAIKU not only on audio but also as text this time. My Turkish and German translations appear under their designated headings. What I hope to be a more convenient approach for anyone with potential audio-issues comes to you with my heartfelt thanks to a very dear poet friend, Jean-Jacques Fournier, for his suggestion in this direction. (Thank you also for being an avid reader of my poetry and for leaving your precious comments for me to cherish, dearest Jean-Jacques!)

a luxury

eager ants at work
hauling loads bigger than life
never losing hope

© hülya n. yılmaz, March 11, 2020

~ ~ ~

(In Turkish Translation)

bir lüks

iş başında gayretli karıncalar
hayattan büyük yükler taşımaktalar
asla kaybetmeden umudu

Türkçe’ye Çeviri: © hülya n. yılmaz, 11 Mart 2020

~ ~ ~

(In German Translation)

ein Luxus

eifrige ameisen . . . fleissig bei der arbeit
schleppen gewichte . . . schwerer als das leben
die hoffnung geben sie nie auf

Übersetzung ins Deutsche: © hülya n. yılmaz, am elften März, 2020


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Luxuries, 5 (A HAIKU on Audio)


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Luxuries, 4 (A HAIKU on Audio)


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Luxuries, 3 (A HAIKU on Audio)


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Luxuries, 2 (A HAIKU on Audio)


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