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elation – to be published by Indies In Action in the Twist of Fate Anthology

bursting balloons wrapped in rainbow

carry the darkness up and away

splashes of refreshed, vivid colors

force the thunder clouds astray


arms wide extended, prancing to and from

myriads of rejoined, bracing town squares

shadows packed, locked, sent missing

more destruction, the storm no longer dares


frolicking wills move in instead

afar, nearby, nearing, or there

honed by the warmest, keenest of hearts

to soar over you, with utmost care.

Your new lives will not be bare.


© hülya yılmaz, June 1, 2013

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Thank you, Michelle Vinci!

My gratitude comes to you, dear intuitive, creative, poetry-supporting and hard-working Michelle Vinci! For conceiving the brilliant idea behind your remarkable project, The Global Twitter Community Poetry Project and for having posted my poems today. You have my appreciation, in particular, for being ever so inclusive and accepting when it comes to submissions. It felt very good to me to see my poetry attempts taking shape on your project’s site. But it was quite a different, i.e. stronger pleasure, to read the passion-displaying work of others, something I very much look forward to keep doing.

Thank you!

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