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Elegy – 6

I had recently composed this poem in German.  My translation method here is somewhat liberal.   I hope you will enjoy my work with the words in their English transformation.




no final contact

warning failed


despaired devastation,

destroying humiliation


self-respect, departed

massive grief, incapable of solace


too late to await

to expect at last

that what was evidenced

many years ago…



a mere I without a name


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Elegy – 5



right from the outset

ingesting all signals

subtle but intense


had the courage to cite

a woman’s invite to unite

an elite member of times long past

from the Empire of the Ottomans, at last


yet, the choice, firm, had been made

with not one miniscule hope left



right from the outset

this time, it is the end

must stop waiting to any further extent

for tomorrow’s ills are still to be met

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Elegy – 3

giving up love








Picture and Image Source: True Love never dies

While, in my view, nothing in life is ever as simple as the text above concludes, the heart, in immense despair, still tends to agree with the claim.


heart slows its beat

bloodrush in the head

at every grasp of the loss

asleep, awake,

or in a dreaming state

ears, deafened to sounds

eyes, blinded to colors

trembling voice in constant tears

thirst, hunger serves only to numb

elation departs

to leave behind

a fatal craving

to carry on and on


death comes

yet, not to kill

condemns to life

that undying void inside

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Elegy – 2

sense of paralysis

gaps in comprehension

rapid heartbeat

dryness in the throat

the mouth as well

eyes flashing

one memory after another

gasping for air

as if stabs here and there


could never say goodbye


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Elegy – 1

body numb

mind on hold

tremor in the hands and voice

fingers and feet on ice

stomach churning

head spinning

lips dried out


when will the ears have to hear,

or, the eyes read

what must have been long in process


how hot, the blaze on the corpse?

how deep, the cut in the heart?

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