Nazım copy

Hani derler ya,

Ben sensiz yaşayamam, diye.

Ben onlardan değilim.

Ben sensiz de yaşarım;


Seninle bir başka yaşarım…

[Poetry and Image Source: Nazım Hikmet]


You know what they say:

“I can’t live without you.”

I am not one of them.

I’ll live also without you;


with you,

my life would surely be something else…

[Translation Source: Self]


May it be through Turkish, English or any other world language – how do you define “living”? How about “life”?


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2 responses to “Hani

  1. I don’t know Hani, but I like what Hani said up top.


    • My thanks for your visit and for liking this post. “Hani” is a phrase in Turkish that translates best – to my knowledge – to “You know” in the sense of the rhetorical question. The sentiment itself, as you surely know, originates from Nazım Hikmet Ran, the (Turkish born) poet and essayist who died in Russia in exile, all along yearning for his country of birth. A large number of his most widely known poems stem from those exilic years.


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