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An Invitation from William S. Peters Sr. of Inner Child Press to Submit to the Breast Cancer Awareness Anthology

Dear Readers, the name Inner Child Press will come familiar to you due to my most recent Sunday reflections.  This time, I am sharing with you the announcement that my publisher has made in order to raise awareness for breast cancer.  The term “cancer” in general is a tragic word for me, due to the multiple generations on my mother side having lost their lives to it.  While up to the latest generation the cancer type has been ovarian, the youngest family member, my sister-like only female cousin – again, on my maternal side of the family, has first developed breast cancer, then succumbing also to the ovarian kind.  Her diagnosis – as we have heard it probably one too many times – came very late, in addition, it has been a fatal misdiagnosis.  My maternal uncle – having been subject to a case study in his residential country, Germany, for male breast cancer was apparently a highly rare development, has also developed breast cancer a few years ago. By having been alert enough to have his symptoms checked early, he is being able to enjoy life among his loved ones.

I now leave you to the words of a professional leader poet of whose acquaintance I am proud of, William S. Peters Sr.:

an Open Plea

We are a collection of Writers, Poets and most importantly Human Beings. We write about many things, and each written expression is meaningful, if but to one ! It is when our voice come together in the collective that the meaning and impact of our words produce a more profound effect upon the Community of Humanity. I say this to you, for the world, “Our World” is in dire need of your voice. Word Xpress and Inner Child are making such a request for your voice pertaining the Consciousness of Breast Cancer. Many of our Sisters, Brothers and Family have been affected by this malady. The open Anthology may not cure the disease, but it can provide comfort through your words to such a Family member or family who is in need of your thoughtful and considerate words. Won’t you take a few minutes of your life and submit a few words to this important Human cause. It can be a Poem, Testimony, Prose or Prayer.

For more information about the submission guidelines, please go to :
Inner Child Press Breast Cancer Awareness

I thank you in advance for your loving consideration and contributions.

Bless Up



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