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sigarayı, dumanını değil
kendisini bütünüyle yutarcasına
çekiyorum içime
öyle yaparsam
yeniden var olacakmışsınız gibi
hayır! hayır!
öyle flu uzaklardan ya da rüyada değil
beni aranıza sarmalamışsınız gibi
hissedeyim diye kendimi
kucaklarınız içinde yumulmuşçasına


meğerse ben
nasıl bir ileri yavaşlıkta
ne oldu sanki
onca takdir belgesi aldım da?
bana öğretilmeye sunulanların yerine

asıl değeri olanları kulak arkası etmenin
hiç mi bir cezası yoktur sizce?
bana bunun cevabını verin, ne olursunuz
Allah Aşkına!

© hülya n. yılmaz, 8.25.2017




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A Statement by the Writers for Peace Committee of PEN International

Posting with permission of Mitko Gogov (including his comment – please see farther down for the statement by the Writers for Peace Committee of PEN International on the Catalan Referandum): 
We all share the compassion and the deep revolt produced by watching the pain inflicted by the “form” of police brutality, or with the way how democracy is crumbling worldwide. The least we can do is to make open call like this, in a peaceful way, for clearing all the problems of this type. Barbarism should not be a trend of the 21st century, on the contrary … As much as we speak about peace, justice and sustainability, what we see is totally the opposite. We became from day to day, more and more bad version of humanity. Stay blessed and thanks for this very important PEN statement!

PEN International’s Writers for Peace Committee Statement on the Catalan Referendum

3 October 2017

We, the Writers for Peace Committee of PEN International, express our grave concern over the events that marred the show of democratic will by the people in the recent Catalan referendum. The scenes of armed, masked police officers assaulting peaceful citizens of all ages should be a matter of shame for the Spanish Government, as is the lack of a meaningful response from the Council of the European Union.
The action would be outrageous in any society; however, this is especially so in a country that has prided itself on emerging as a democracy from dark days of civil war and dictatorship. As Writers for Peace, we are deeply concerned that the political and actual wounds of those decades should not be re-opened.
We deplore the violence used by the forces of the Spanish state against the people of Catalonia on 1 October 2017.

We believe that a dispute between governments can never be a just reason for unleashing violence on peaceful citizens seeking to give their opinion through voting. Neither can an order from a court be the reason to use excessive force to prevent the free and legitimate expression of dissent. We believe that in this case, the force used was excessive.

We demand that the right to freedom of expression, whether it is exercised through voting, speaking or writing, be respected by all branches of state authority. We call on all EU Institutions and in particular on the European Parliament to remind Spain of the limits that the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights and the European Convention on Human Rights put on its actions.

Le Comité des écrivains pour la paix de P.E.N. International

Déclaration du Comité pour la paix de P.E.N. International sur le référendum catalan

Les membres du Comité pour la paix de P.E.N. International expriment leur profonde préoccupation devant les événements qui ont entaché l’expression de la volonté démocratique de la population lors du récent référendum catalan.
Nous sommes convaincus que même les questions clés comme celle de savoir si le référendum peut constituer une base légitime de changement constitutionnel devraient faire l’objet de négociations entre les représentants élus des autorités des deux parties et que les conflits entre leurs gouvernements ne peuvent servir de prétexte pour envoyer des forces paramilitaires sur des citoyens pacifiques qui cherchent à exprimer leurs points de vue dans le processus électoral. Nous croyons également qu’une décision judiciaire ne peut justifier l’utilisation de la violence dans le but d’empêcher la libre expression des citoyens ayant des opinions différentes.

Nous condamnons la violence déclenchée le 1er octobre 2017 par les forces espagnoles contre le peuple catalan. Les scènes de policiers armés, masqués et anonymes attaquant des citoyens non-violents de tous âges devraient être un déshonneur pour le gouvernement espagnol, de même que pour les tribunaux et le Conseil de l’Union européenne. Un tel acte est scandaleux dans toute société, de surcroît dans un pays qui est fier de ses acquis démocratiques après la sombre période de la guerre civile et de la dictature. Les écrivains du Comité pour la paix souhaitent ardemment que les blessures des dernières décennies ne soient pas rouvertes.
Nous exigeons que toutes les branches du pouvoir respectent le droit à la liberté d’expression, qu’il s’agisse d’élections, de discours ou d’écrits.

Les membres du Comité pour la paix de P.E.N. International appellent les États membres de l’Union Européenne à rappeler à l’Espagne le comportement qui est dicté par la Charte des droits fondamentaux et par la Convention européenne des droits de l’homme.

Marjan Strojan,
Président du Comité des écrivains pour la paix du P.E.N. International

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… just-because

dünya gözüyle görmek ne demekti
hiç mi öğrenememişim ben!
bu arzunun anlamını
bunu sessizce haykıran
kalbin sızısını

oturmuşum şimdi
görevi yanmak olan
ama benim yanımdayken
yanmayı ölesiye reddeden
mumlarımın karşısında
içimdeki en derin yerim parça parça
gözyaşlarım bile dökülmeye isyan içinde . . .

o tuzlu damlalar aksa
ah bir aksa
çağlayanlar doluluğunda aksa da
o solumdaki kızılın üstüne üstüne
yatıp kalakalmış
onca can insanımın iç burukluğunu
artık sele suya katarak
ama nadirce
benden en uzaklara bıraksalar
umuduna yalvarır oldum

saçma sapan bir hayal gücüyle

dünya gözüyle görmek ne demekti
bu kadar mı görmezlikten
gelebilir bir insan

hele ki öylesine sevilmiş ise . . .

© hülya n. yılmaz, 8.25.2017







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The photographs you see here depict the people to whom my gratitude is immense – not to willingly exclude a large number of others on my actual list. These images actually show only two minuscule moments of utter joy and happiness that I have witnessed and experienced at the notable 2017 Kosovo International Poetry Festival. While counting solely as still pictures, these images are accompanied by a strong sense of accomplishment. Not because I was one of the invitees. No! It is rather due to a large number of fellow poets from across the globe who gathered their vocal support of dearest Fahredin Shehu in his incredible efforts to underline for our gravely troubled world the timeless significance and beauty of the art of poetry and its incomparable power to unite us all under the one race, one ethnicity, one social class, one religion that exists: humanity.

To William S. Peters Sr., the man dear to countless of people in numerous locations on Earth, I express my thanks publicly at last. Had it not been for who he is, I would have missed experiencing the festival’s home -the picturesque Rahovec of Kosovo, let alone live a mesmerizingly soul-fulfilling, inspiring and rewarding event of all times. Knowing that I was in the mindset of shying away from attending because I had not written a new book, he made sure to stand by me until I, in fact did. All along, he offered my inclination his utmost respect -without even once discouraging me from composing my Aflame. Memoirs in Verse, although such publication was not at all a requirement.

Besa Hoxa Beqiri, dear Besa, my companion in the different-awards-filled life of teaching, must have had a very easy (!) and pleasant (!) time under the piles of poetic translations she had to ready before the festival. She sounded so good while reading my poem submissions in the native language. The person who translates any literary work must be thanked to with full enthusiasm; for such intellectual and creative process requires an all-consuming attention and care. Hence, my attempt to show her my heartfelt appreciation through these few words.

Festivals come, festivals go. What remains are the first, ongoing and last impressions. This festival was memorable in every aspect, starting with the high sensitivity given to the invitees in the event’s preparatory stages. The fine detailing of the program, the arrival and transportation arrangements and communication to the travelers before their trip’s onset as far as what to first expect upon arrival had apparently been planned for a successful implementation of all the different elements of the event.

The people I have met and interacted with throughout this most notable celebration of poetry for humanity at large gifted me with delightful memories of friendship and encouragement for the remainder of my days.

Outside my fellow poets, also the uniquely friendly and most courteous supermen, the beautiful staff of the restaurant -our frequent hangout destination, have etched their place among my lifelong experiences I so do and will continue to brag about.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. My sincerest thanks to all of you whose names I cannot possibly repeat here. And thank you, you fantasy-like world region Kosovo, for making me fall in love with Rahovec, Prizren, Gjakova and other spectacular places you have offered me in this magical year of 2017 thanks to the vision of a wonderful soul called Fahredin Shehu.




Prizren, Kosova.jpg

Prizren, Kosova.2

Prizren, Kosova.3

Rahovec, Kosovo.2.At the opening event with dearest fellow poets

Djakova, Kosovo.Apologies to the fellow poet who took this picture

Photo Credits: Fahredin Shehu (the first two), self (the Prizren pictures). As for the beautiful group pictures, wonderful fellow poets shared them on Facebook. My apologies! I have not saved my downloads by your names.

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