Two poems from Can Yücel on the loss of love

Uğruna fedakarlık yapmadığın sevgiyi,

yüreğinde taşıyıp da kendine yük etme!

[Poem Source: Can Yücel]


Don’t burden yourself by carrying in your heart

the love for which you made no sacrifice!

[Translation Source: Self]



Yar’la bir olmayınca

yer’le bir oluyormuş insan…

[Poem Source: Can Yücel]


I got it!

You get destroyed…

when not with the beloved

[Translation Source: Self]


Once you live of what the same poet speaks in two separate poems through seemingly contradicting emotions, you know the feeling of being torn is an integral part of the suffering.


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4 responses to “Two poems from Can Yücel on the loss of love

  1. Tatsat

    I wonder what the poet has to say about love for which we did make sacrifice, but could not make the other person go the distance. Might actually help me a bit 🙂


    • The poet seems to answer this question through the resentful tone of his verses, wouldn’t you think so?


      • Tatsat

        Ohh yes. It did seem to be a bit high on the tone. I see it now when you have mentioned it. Seems, he/she was as perplexed as I am. But I guess thats ok. Poets and writers are normal people, only with exceptional abilities to express.


        • Short poems leave much to our imagination and interpretation. I had to read the poem many times to be able to do justice to the possible authorial intent in my translation. His use of the command form gets our attention to his disappointment, even resentment perhaps, that his object of love did not opt for a sacrifice. “Perplexed”? But of course, as far as my reaction also. Thank you for following up on this discussion!


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