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Inner Child Press

World Class Publishers

of a Higher Consciousness


Dear readers, while I have no breaking news (yet) in the direction of my diploma in Free Lance Writing (I needed an extension for my final short story exam), I am utterly excited about a development and want to share it with you!  First, however, I must give you at least a glimpse into how this amazing change for me has been taking place.  For, in addition to my continuous gratitude to you for taking interest in my writing here all along, I would now also like to express my thanks to those who have known about my passion to write and supported it outside this platform:

To the remarkably down-to-earth and resourceful writers’ group, Nittany Valley Writers Network;

To Mark T. Shirey, NVWN Newsletter Editor; Sally Driscoll, Programming director (presently, she is the Marketing director); Zoe Brigley Thompson, a published poet and the Marketing director (until she left for another state) together with Greg Halpin, a published author and Technology director – for introducing me to the writers’ platform at large with their invitation to a public talk on my  writing;

To the “Writers Special Interest Group Editorial Board”,  Rita Lumpkins Anne Cornell Barbara Natalie Sarah Russ for their acceptance and publication of several of my poem submissions in Pastiche;

To StoriesSpace for giving me a sweet welcome and a courteous and constructive “publication” platform upon joining with some of my poems;

To Writers’ Cafe for welcoming me into their long established group with involved and engaging discussions of my poetry posts and personal encouragements;

To my dear co-writer and poet friends, Jill Hackman, Mindy L. Kornhaber, Katherine Yeaple, Paula Schroeder for their inspiring critiques, support and highly helpful ideas for the improvement of my written work;

To C. Hope Clark , a well-known published author, whom I have met at a NVWN workshop for the first time – to whose encouragement I owe the creation of my blog site, a platform of my utmost gratitude for giving me the irreplaceable opportunity to have you as my readers;

To Alan Jankowski, a published author whose invitation to the event “Helping Tornado Victims in Oklahoma”  introduced me to the most wonderful 200+ independent writers’ facebook group, Indies In Action out of which acquaintanceship my contributory involvement came about, namely in the newly published global charity anthology, TWIST OF FATE press kit (7-8-2013); whose one other invitation introduced me to the uniquely supportive and inspirational poets’ facebook group, Inner Child but then far beyond it (please see below);

To William S. Peters Sr.,the founder of Inner Child Enterprises and the publisher of Inner Child Press and to Janet P. Caldwell, COO of Inner Child Press, for their exceptional appreciation and composition of poetry as well as their utmost generosity in helping unpublished poets with a chance to be heard through their own Inner Child Press books.

And here comes my exciting news:

Earlier in this summer, I had entered an Essay Contest by Inner Child Press with an essay and a poem submission.  As I have found out recently, my submitted work was determined to belong among those of the “Top Ten” unpublished poets.  The final decision by Inner Child Press was to grant each of us the publication of our own poetry book…

Thus, dear readers, in addition to being a co-author of the international Twist of Fate charity anthology by Indies In Action, I will transform from being an unpublished author to a published one thanks to the Inner Child Press through my own book of poetry in the new year.

With my gratitude to your continued readership, I leave you with my best wishes to you all.


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Indies In Action
Stephen L. Wilson, Publisher
Eugene, OR


Representing the Indies In Action group, 60 authors and poets have combined to contribute 78 different writings in a charity anthology called Twist of Fate, to help tornado victims in Oklahoma. The authors represent people from all around the globe. Nine countries are represented, and several of the contributors actually live in or have lived in “Tornado Alley.” It is a grassroots, group effort to help those who need it the most. All proceeds from the sales of the book will be donated to the May Tornadoes Relief Fund, administered by the United Way. The anthology is available in electronic form at Amazon, Barnes and Noble and Smashwords. Paperback versions are available at Createspace and Amazon.

According to the publisher, Stephen L. Wilson, “It is the goal of the IIA group to not only raise money for charity, but to create a platform where Indie authors can make an active difference.”

Press Contact:
Stephen L. Wilson (Publisher)

StephenLWilson – Facebook

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A rendezvous with Stephen L Wilson, the principal editor of Twist of Fate, an international charitable anthology

Dr. Kiriti Sengupta (Calcutta, India), interviewing contributing poets, writers, and artists for the soon-to-be-published global Twist of Fate anthology conceived and materialized by Indies In Action.


 A rapid-fire round with Stephen L Wilson, the principal editor, Twist of Fate, an international charitable anthology.

Kiriti: Hi Stephen, are you ready for the round ? I am a bit tired though.

Stephen: You are providing a wonderful service, and the feedback I have received has all been positive. Our group is fortunate and honored to have you, as well.

Kiriti: Thanks, Stephen. I want to leave no stone unturned in regarding my duties with your full satisfaction. .Wwhatever I do, I try with my 100% dedication, you know. Or else, I never try.

Stephen: Why, thanks, Kiriti. You will find that I am easily satisfied, however, and the effort you put forth is more than enough for me to meet that objective. Yes, you certainly ARE dedicated, from what I can tell!

Kiriti: I appreciate your concern, Stephen. Publishing the selected interviews…

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Twist of Fate – A Charity Anthology

The Dreamcatch Writer

Twist of Fate
A Charity Anthology
Coming Soon

In May of 2013 storms and tornadoes ripped through the midwestern United States leaving destruction and desolation in many areas. One of the hardest hit states was Oklahoma. “Twist of Fate” is an anthology of writing, poetry, prose, and artwork from contributors around the world, better known as the group: Indies In Action.  100 % of the proceeds from the sale of the book “Twist of Fate” will go to benefit tornado victims in Oklahoma through the May Tornadoes Fund, administered by the United Way.  You can learn more about the May Tornadoes Fund at the United Way of Central Oklahoma Website.

ToF coming soon

cover reveal coming soon!

Follow the Indies In Action Website

Like Twist of Fate on Facebook

The Indies In Action (IIA) group has been hard at work to create a beautiful collection of prose and poetry dedicated to the…

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Reblogged from Indies In Action

An Update from “Indies In Action on Progress of Twist of Fate”

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Stephen L Wilson, the principal editor, Twist of Fate shares his insight …

Dr. Kiriti Sengupta (Calcutta, India), interviewing contributing poets, writers, and artists for the soon-to-be-published global Twist of Fate anthology conceived and materialized by Indies In Action.


Interviewing   Stephen L Wilson (U.S.A)

Interviewer : Kiriti Sengupta (India)


Hi Stephen !! This is Kiriti from India. I must congratulate and thank you for the painstaking effort you have invested towards the making of a global anthology, Twist of Fate. Being the administrator of the group Indies in Action and the Chief Editor of the anthology, I would appreciate if you, please, answer me. Are you ready ?


Stephen: I am ready, Kiriti. Thank you very much for taking the time to put together the ideas and thoughts of the people behind the work. I hope that those who read this are inspired by our project.


Kiriti: What made you form the group Indies in Action ?


Stephen: It actually began in 1996. I was in Oklahoma City the year after the Alfred P. Murrah building was destroyed by a domestic…

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The Site and the Latest Book

Thank you for taking enough interest to come this far! Indies In Action, with its community-oriented and creative writing- and artful photography-focused activities, is only one click away. Tab anywhere inside the image and enter the group’s upcoming most recent accomplishment.  A Twist of Fate anthology by a large number of poets, writers and artists, soon to be published.  Do stay tuned, please!






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After all his diligent but kind interviews, our Kiriti Sengupta is on the interviewee chair!

The Book Rack Author Spotlight: Dr. Kiriti Sengupta

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Ms.Maria Edwards, President, American Authors’ Association (AAA) shares her insight about Twist of Fate

Dr. Kiriti Sengupta (Calcutta, India), interviewing contributing poets, writers, and artists for the soon-to-be-published global Twist of Fate anthology conceived and materialized by Indies In Action.


Interviewing Maria Edwards (U.S.A.)

Interviewer: Kiriti Sengupta (India)


Hi Maria !! Greetings from India. This is Kiriti. I must thank you for your contribution towards the international charity anthology, Twist of Fate. I seriously wish to ask you few things, if you, please.


Maria: By all means.

Kiriti: You have contributed ISBN towards the anthology. Would like to know what the significance of the ISBN is and how it would help in establishing the work (book).

Maria: The International Standard Book Number (ISBN) is a unique numeric commercial book identifier to help booksellers identify individual books. Most booksellers will not accept books without this number. That alone speaks to its availability and marketability.

Kiriti: Why did you come forward with this unique idea of donating the ISBN to the anthology ?

Maria: Everything Stephen L. Wilson and this anthology stands for is…

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Poem 4 for the Helping Tornado Victims in Oklahoma project by INDIES IN ACTION

to taste life


Drawn to unknowns,

grim prospects,


loss of hopes,


Black and white.


Grief leaves.

Grey appears

amid a mottled bouquet

donned in scents galore

in the arms of human laughter.

Joy overcomes sorrow.


© hülya yılmaz, May 31, 2013


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