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[Photo Credit: Self (No! I was not drunk . . .); Location: On the road to Peja, Kosovo ~ Summer, 2018]

the mountains’ beauty
an intoxicating bliss
some of us are not

© hülya n. yılmaz, 10.13.2018



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[Photo Credit: Self; Location: Skopje, Macedonia ~ Summer, 2018]

feelings of much guilt
too many suffer horrors
yet nature numbs me

© hülya n. yılmaz, 10.13.2018





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“Falling Leaves”

spiraling down
a bunch of dry leaves
landed on the asphalt
if my car did not crush them
drivers behind me surely did
the warm early-fall breeze
was too laid-back to enable
those beauties of nature’s recent past
one more minute to last
you may ask

what’s in a few dry leaves?

a mere excuse for me to contemplate
my travels in less fortunate lands

in one of them, called Palestine,
i had seen frivolous mercilessness,
that which stems from us,
the supposedly humane human species
for whose hate-filled greed
the innocent was being crushed
under the fancy tools of modernity
eagerly crafted by none other
than our so-called humanity

i screamed in silence
“enough already! when, where do you stop?”
facing such sorrow,
even my lungs could not keep up
they abandoned me in my shout
thus they keep falling prematurely
one new-growth of a leaf at a time . . .


(c) hülya n. yılmaz, 10.1.2018


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“Good Morning, Princess!”
the cook with a broad sweet smile
laughter served each day

(c) hülya n. yılmaz, 10.6.2018


[Photo Credit: Self; Location: Giza, Cairo]


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Filistin aklımda . . .

A poem in my native tongue, in response to the silence we resort to in the face of atrocities with which the innocent are being erased from the face of the Earth:

Filistin’in masumları,
kalbimden dilime taşan
tuzlu damlalarla birlik olmuş,
umutsuz bir ümitle haykırıyor.
Için için.

Ne çare!

Insanlık uykuda.
Insanlık unutkan.
Ben dahil.
Insanlık seçici.
Insanlık kendi rahatında.
Ben dahil.

Günün sloganı.
O kadarla da kalmıyor:
Her yeni günün odağı
Tahtını koruyor.

Acaba, diyorum,
Bir dakika sussak,
Susabilsek yani,
Mazlumlardan kendisine yol döşeyen
Postalların asitte bekletilmiş bağcıklarıyla
Birer birer eritilip yitenlerin
Çığlıklarıni dinlesek,
Ya da sosyal medya hatırına olsun,
Dinler gibi yapsak?

Acaba, diyorum.
Sadece, acaba . . .

(c) hülya n yılmaz, 18 Eylül 2018

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Hayat, sana teşekkür ederim!

many a moons ago,
i fell in love
with Positano
in a book
in the film of that book
but long before that,
in a single image of it
which was donning a small balcony
overlooking a cliff over a calm sea

i am in Skopje now
not in Italy
not even close . . .
sitting on a small balcony
with a stunning view of the city
its surrounding mountains
strut justifiably
their majestic beauty

the Sun has watched over me
looked after me
saw me fall asleep last night
in my lately ailing body
waited patiently
to wake me up early this morning
to its spectacular show
to let me know
i have to heal faster
i just must
for life’s unimaginable offerings
are here for me to see

there is no sea
not here
i have however seen aplenty
devoured each one by one
along the way
they all are inside me
and forever, they will stay

forgive me, Positano
i am still in love with you
but with Skopje too
though also with Monastir
the Dead Sea
Mar Saba
Mount Nebo
Wadi Musa

many a moons ago,
i had concluded
my own life was just that:
as good as it got
back then . . .
the universe, however, had
something totally different in mind

i am falling in love
with its every nuance over and over
i keep my spirit’s eyes wide open
as i do so with my soul’s arms
while i fly on a magical spread
on and on and on . . .

i am on a small balcony
Skopje is the name this time
its magical mountains
span expansively before me
with a full view
over a unique sea
of this Macedonian city

Hayat, sana teşekkür ederim!

(c) hülya n. yılmaz, 9.12.2018

[Photo Credit: Self; View Inn Boutique Hotel, Skopje)


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i am about to eat the new day's first meal
in Nefertiti's legendary presence
the Pharaohs may object
but my soul
is ready to commune with all
for all

at the end of the "Sound and Light" show last night
while the Pyramids stood upright
having defied the impact of many a deadly earthquakes
not having caved in to the soft silky sands underneath
standing majestically erect
evidencing the fatal flaw
of modernity's claim
that it was humans
who built these World Wonders
though Man can still not prove
the technology required for their construction
had been available to men or women back then 

while i half-heartedly listened
to the theatrical staging of perhaps one of a kind
my soul entered the Sphinx and the Pyramids
there, i met my past life again
the last musical piece was most-intoxicating
each move left me in contemplative tears
my entire life passed by my core essence
all beloveds who had stepped on Earth
leaving their frames behind
their spirits intact
watching over humanity 
caring for them
waiting patiently
for their hearts' eyes to open ajar

they assembled before me one by one

i lost the count
an all-inclusive assembly of humans
how can anyone ever do such a math

and the Ultimate One . . .
invisible untouchable mute
only to be conceived
not to be conceptualized
but only to be conceived
as Rumi asserted time and time again . . .

i am one
one is what i am
i am all
all is what i am

i am not becoming 

i am

here and now

hülya n yılmaz, 8.28.2018



[Photo Credit: Self; A view from the balcony
of our hotel on the Giza Plateau in Egypt]


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