After Another Long Hiatus . . .

The last writing I have shared with you goes back about two months. I am still writing – poems mostly, along with a few analytical texts on the side. I have, however, been keeping the majority of those write-ups to myself. The reason as to why I stayed away from my website lies in the fact that I am ready to embark on an unexplored path here. I would, therefore, appreciate it greatly if you could suggest subject matters, topics, points of concern and/or ideas for reflections, . . . a focus that will allow me to explore in my writings henceforth. I thank you for lending me an ear.


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5 responses to “After Another Long Hiatus . . .

  1. You’re suggesting of my imput as to suggesting approaches to areas to building a new approach in your life Is beyond my field of expertise and a responsibility to a subject to personal. Good luck on your new adventure! Jean-Jacques


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    • Dearest Jean-Jacques, I thank you for taking the time to comment on my note. I suspect now that I have not formulated my point accurately. I meant not to ask for suggestions for “a new approach in my life” (I completely agree with you: one such quest is too personal to post publicly). I was rather seeking responses from my interested readers as to possible focal points specifically for my writing endeavors. I have done this. I have done that. I have the strong urge to map out differently my future writing path.


  2. Wonderful …looking forward 💗

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  3. Wonderful …looking forward 💗


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