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Join us in our passion for poetry!


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To have great poets, there must be great audiences too.

Walt Whitman (1819-1892)

Good Sunday!

If you are here right now, then you are a reader – regardless of how much of my text you will read (imagine: I arrived at this no-brainer-conclusion all by myself…gives out a sneaky smile…). Then, of course, there is the writer in you.  And as one, you know how the mysterious concept called “inspiration” works at times (or how it doesn’t). William S. Peters Sr. to whom I am proud to refer as my publisher has done it again; namely, envisioning and implementing together with Jamie Bond the Year of the Poet – monthly poetry books birthed through collaboration between Inner Child Press Ltd. (ICP) and The Creating Calm Publishing Group.

In 2014, the permanent contributors from among the large number of the ICP authors had included Jamie Bond, Gail Weston Shazor, Albert ‘Infinite’ Carrasco, Siddartha Beth Pierce, Janet P. Caldwell, June ‘Bugg’ Barefield, Debbie M. Allen, Tony Henninger, Joe DaVerbal Minddancer, Robert Gibbons, Neetu Wali, Shareef Abdur-Rasheed, Kimberly Burnham and William S. Peters, Sr. In the new year, there will be several new names, including Ann White, Keith Alan Hamilton, Teresa E. Gallion, Katherine Wyatt and myself. I know the remarkable penmanship of all these dear individuals and our shared passion for poetry is evident in every communication we have within or outside the territories of the books of mention. Then, there are featured poets for each month outside the “Core” contributors to poetry, all of whom have the same dedication to this literary art. As the ICP web page states, “[t]he objective is to bring the poetry community together with the various cross demographic representations found in gender, religion, geography, culture and ethnicity. We hope you enjoy the myriad of perspectives represented here (The Year of the Poet).”

2015 will be filled with writing and reading poems for me each month (if not far more often). I want to hope you will be a reader of these poetry books that are bound to surprise you with the promised beauty of one poem after another, month after month.

May the new year be and become all that you wish it to be and become for yourself and your loved ones! I look forward to your visit in 2015.



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My heartfelt thanks to you

Dear, very dear readers, visitors, followers, curious stoppers-by: You have a permanent place in my debut book (however a very modest one in terms of page coverage but not at all as far as my own words’ meanings for me):

“I am humbled and honored to have a growing number of kind, caring and supportive but also forgiving author readers today. I am ever so thankful for their presence and support” – Acknowledgements, Trance (amazon)

TRANCE Cover Full Final it 1

To me, these words are only a tiny segment of my actual appreciation of and gratitude for you all.  For, YOU have made this outcome possible for me.  If I hadn’t had your sincere, caring, supportive listening to my written words, I would have withdrawn from this arena long ago (yes, despite the well-known, often-cited claim that one must write for him-/herself…Not I!  Remember, one of my latest posts about my desire to communicate with you all…)

Well, today I have the special price offer for my Trance to share with you for the period between tomorrow, January 15th and February 1st but also a first-time insight into it (re-posted from my facebook platform):

Dear friends: Forgive me for sounding one-track-minded…that is, regarding my  Trance, a collection of poems in English, German and Turkish – but this information is new and I thought to tell you all first. If you were to feel intrigued by the following words of William S. Peters, Sr. and Janet Caldwell – my out-of-this-world publishers at Inner Child Press, ltd. please know about the special $16.00 offer between tomorrow, January 15, 2014 and February 1st, 2014…

From dearest Bill (all love to you):

“[…] hülya’s poetry exemplifies her courage to be honest and authentic as she shares her personal rectitude with the reader. In getting to know her, one realizes, that in her personal journey, she has collected many life metaphors, memories and lessons. She effortlessly shares these gems within her verse, thereby lending to each of us her reflections and contemplative examinations. Her subject matter though mostly about Human Interaction, can not easily be dismissed. You will not help but recognize a piece of your self sitting between the lines, wallowing betwixt the quiet expressive adjectives, the stirring adverbs and prepositional phrasing. In spite of her formal education, she writes from her heart, though her need and desire to instruct is ever present. I could say much more about this particular entity whom i affectionately call my friend, Dr. hülya, but, i will leave that for you to discover for your self as you take the voyage through the pages of Trance. In the following pages, you will touch hülya’s humanity, and i pray you touch your own.
William S. Peters, Sr. Inner Child Press

From dearest Janet (all love to you):

“[…] Within the pages of Trance, you the reader, will see exactly what I mean. hülya, has a way of weaving her poetry into the form of story telling, satiated . . . while leaving you wanting more. Conundrum ? Thank Goodness, I am able to turn the page and read more from this gifted writer. hülya has graciously gifted us with the English, German and her native tongue Turkish, in the translations found within this book, Trance.
Trance is a steal at $ 22.95 and I encourage you to buy one for yourself and to gift another. Happy Reading !
Janet P. Caldwell
Author COO, Inner Child, ltd. http://www.janetcaldwell.com/


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My dear visitors,

I hope you won’t find me overly self-centered for sharing with you this time a high moment in my life when my creative writing is concerned: My Trance, a collection of poems in English, German and Turkish has found its voice! Both highly accomplished poets, William S. Peters Sr. and Janet P. Caldwell of Inner Child Press – the remarkable publishing enterprise I have written to you about a while ago – have given a life to my tri-lingual poetry.  You know you had them, at least a few, right?  Those mind-boggling moments of euphoria?  I have been in such state since early afternoon yesterday, when I found out my book of poems is really in print now.  What I have fantasized often since middle school has become a reality.  Simply because the two professionals of Inner Child Press, ltd. listened to my poetic stories of three different cultural conceptualizations and corresponding life experiences with much care and love, giving me the life-time opportunity of a three-fold literary voice.  The picture below shows you the cover, “Le’nfant” – an original artwork by the artist and poet Siddartha Beth Pierce . An excerpt from my prose, then,  follows on the right – a small segment of the framework within which I provide my readers the transnational context behind my poems:

TRANCE Cover Front Final


My poems tell you about a life passed by me, at the same time – with their mere appearance in this book, they announce to you and me a life I decided to live.  Whether their construct is in English, German or Turkish, I strongly hope you will recognize your own stories in them.  However, I wish you will mostly relate to the poems of rejoice and not need to seek solace in those where I mirror countless moments of deep sadness.



I hope you will find it in your heart to join me in a celebration of not only my high moment but those I wish for all of us to come our ways in one form or another.  Then, as always, I wish you the best in everything and look forward to your visit next Sunday.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

After posting for this morning, I have discovered the following remarkable words by a fellow-poet – whom I fondly call a son (whom I never met).  Since this is my day of self-promotion (smiles…), I will go ahead and share with you his insight in to my Trance:


Hülya N. Yılmaz, in this soulful poetry collection of hers displays high level of intellectualism that will keep a reader digging incessantly in order to fully explore the richness of her eloquent expression.

As a reader, I had to connect my soul to her writings in order to extract the undiluted message Hulya has for the world.

Written in three dominant languages; Tukish, German and English…Hulya achieves what many will term impossible as she unites and creates a unique blend with these three languages without a depreciation in the appreciation of her profound expressions.

I cannot help but further continue to address Hulya N. Yilmaz as a literary mother whom I need to associate myself with so as to graduate to the level of excellence where mediocrity is shamed.

My heart is endeared to this awesome collection (Trance), and my love for the writer is strengthened beyond breakage…I have no choice but to address her as “mein Schatz” ( You care to know the meaning of these strange words? Go get the book)
Book available via link: http://www.innerchildpress.com/hülya-n-yilmaz.php

~Kolade Olanrewaju Freedom

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Inner Child Press

World Class Publishers

of a Higher Consciousness


Dear readers, while I have no breaking news (yet) in the direction of my diploma in Free Lance Writing (I needed an extension for my final short story exam), I am utterly excited about a development and want to share it with you!  First, however, I must give you at least a glimpse into how this amazing change for me has been taking place.  For, in addition to my continuous gratitude to you for taking interest in my writing here all along, I would now also like to express my thanks to those who have known about my passion to write and supported it outside this platform:

To the remarkably down-to-earth and resourceful writers’ group, Nittany Valley Writers Network;

To Mark T. Shirey, NVWN Newsletter Editor; Sally Driscoll, Programming director (presently, she is the Marketing director); Zoe Brigley Thompson, a published poet and the Marketing director (until she left for another state) together with Greg Halpin, a published author and Technology director – for introducing me to the writers’ platform at large with their invitation to a public talk on my  writing;

To the “Writers Special Interest Group Editorial Board”,  Rita Lumpkins Anne Cornell Barbara Natalie Sarah Russ for their acceptance and publication of several of my poem submissions in Pastiche;

To StoriesSpace for giving me a sweet welcome and a courteous and constructive “publication” platform upon joining with some of my poems;

To Writers’ Cafe for welcoming me into their long established group with involved and engaging discussions of my poetry posts and personal encouragements;

To my dear co-writer and poet friends, Jill Hackman, Mindy L. Kornhaber, Katherine Yeaple, Paula Schroeder for their inspiring critiques, support and highly helpful ideas for the improvement of my written work;

To C. Hope Clark , a well-known published author, whom I have met at a NVWN workshop for the first time – to whose encouragement I owe the creation of my blog site, a platform of my utmost gratitude for giving me the irreplaceable opportunity to have you as my readers;

To Alan Jankowski, a published author whose invitation to the event “Helping Tornado Victims in Oklahoma”  introduced me to the most wonderful 200+ independent writers’ facebook group, Indies In Action out of which acquaintanceship my contributory involvement came about, namely in the newly published global charity anthology, TWIST OF FATE press kit (7-8-2013); whose one other invitation introduced me to the uniquely supportive and inspirational poets’ facebook group, Inner Child but then far beyond it (please see below);

To William S. Peters Sr.,the founder of Inner Child Enterprises and the publisher of Inner Child Press and to Janet P. Caldwell, COO of Inner Child Press, for their exceptional appreciation and composition of poetry as well as their utmost generosity in helping unpublished poets with a chance to be heard through their own Inner Child Press books.

And here comes my exciting news:

Earlier in this summer, I had entered an Essay Contest by Inner Child Press with an essay and a poem submission.  As I have found out recently, my submitted work was determined to belong among those of the “Top Ten” unpublished poets.  The final decision by Inner Child Press was to grant each of us the publication of our own poetry book…

Thus, dear readers, in addition to being a co-author of the international Twist of Fate charity anthology by Indies In Action, I will transform from being an unpublished author to a published one thanks to the Inner Child Press through my own book of poetry in the new year.

With my gratitude to your continued readership, I leave you with my best wishes to you all.


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With my gratitude to William S. Peters Sr. and Janet P. Caldwell for making it possible for me to see my customized book of poetry, Trance, a collection of poems in English, German and Turkish (with English translations of the foreign language poetry) published. It was a high moment to hear my name among the ICP recipients of this publishing scholarship following the enterprise’s 2013 Essay and Poem Contest. The announcement came about like a rare musical tone on Inner Child Blog Radio.



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