My heartfelt thanks to you

Dear, very dear readers, visitors, followers, curious stoppers-by: You have a permanent place in my debut book (however a very modest one in terms of page coverage but not at all as far as my own words’ meanings for me):

“I am humbled and honored to have a growing number of kind, caring and supportive but also forgiving author readers today. I am ever so thankful for their presence and support” – Acknowledgements, Trance (amazon)

TRANCE Cover Full Final it 1

To me, these words are only a tiny segment of my actual appreciation of and gratitude for you all.  For, YOU have made this outcome possible for me.  If I hadn’t had your sincere, caring, supportive listening to my written words, I would have withdrawn from this arena long ago (yes, despite the well-known, often-cited claim that one must write for him-/herself…Not I!  Remember, one of my latest posts about my desire to communicate with you all…)

Well, today I have the special price offer for my Trance to share with you for the period between tomorrow, January 15th and February 1st but also a first-time insight into it (re-posted from my facebook platform):

Dear friends: Forgive me for sounding one-track-minded…that is, regarding my  Trance, a collection of poems in English, German and Turkish – but this information is new and I thought to tell you all first. If you were to feel intrigued by the following words of William S. Peters, Sr. and Janet Caldwell – my out-of-this-world publishers at Inner Child Press, ltd. please know about the special $16.00 offer between tomorrow, January 15, 2014 and February 1st, 2014…

From dearest Bill (all love to you):

“[…] hülya’s poetry exemplifies her courage to be honest and authentic as she shares her personal rectitude with the reader. In getting to know her, one realizes, that in her personal journey, she has collected many life metaphors, memories and lessons. She effortlessly shares these gems within her verse, thereby lending to each of us her reflections and contemplative examinations. Her subject matter though mostly about Human Interaction, can not easily be dismissed. You will not help but recognize a piece of your self sitting between the lines, wallowing betwixt the quiet expressive adjectives, the stirring adverbs and prepositional phrasing. In spite of her formal education, she writes from her heart, though her need and desire to instruct is ever present. I could say much more about this particular entity whom i affectionately call my friend, Dr. hülya, but, i will leave that for you to discover for your self as you take the voyage through the pages of Trance. In the following pages, you will touch hülya’s humanity, and i pray you touch your own.
William S. Peters, Sr. Inner Child Press

From dearest Janet (all love to you):

“[…] Within the pages of Trance, you the reader, will see exactly what I mean. hülya, has a way of weaving her poetry into the form of story telling, satiated . . . while leaving you wanting more. Conundrum ? Thank Goodness, I am able to turn the page and read more from this gifted writer. hülya has graciously gifted us with the English, German and her native tongue Turkish, in the translations found within this book, Trance.
Trance is a steal at $ 22.95 and I encourage you to buy one for yourself and to gift another. Happy Reading !
Janet P. Caldwell
Author COO, Inner Child, ltd.


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6 responses to “My heartfelt thanks to you

  1. Happy days, for this new publication Hülya, and wishing you unending success…!

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    • Thank you, dear friend! (I have just been to your blog site . . . as soon as I saw your announcement of your new book: More power to your poetic talent, is what I wish for you in 2018 and far beyond.)


  2. Great looking cover. Wishing you tons of success! Paulette


  3. Now Available for a Limited Time Only, this Wonderful Offering in 3 Languages . . .TRANCE for just $16.00


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