Ms.Maria Edwards, President, American Authors’ Association (AAA) shares her insight about Twist of Fate

Dr. Kiriti Sengupta (Calcutta, India), interviewing contributing poets, writers, and artists for the soon-to-be-published global Twist of Fate anthology conceived and materialized by Indies In Action.


Interviewing Maria Edwards (U.S.A.)

Interviewer: Kiriti Sengupta (India)


Hi Maria !! Greetings from India. This is Kiriti. I must thank you for your contribution towards the international charity anthology, Twist of Fate. I seriously wish to ask you few things, if you, please.


Maria: By all means.

Kiriti: You have contributed ISBN towards the anthology. Would like to know what the significance of the ISBN is and how it would help in establishing the work (book).

Maria: The International Standard Book Number (ISBN) is a unique numeric commercial book identifier to help booksellers identify individual books. Most booksellers will not accept books without this number. That alone speaks to its availability and marketability.

Kiriti: Why did you come forward with this unique idea of donating the ISBN to the anthology ?

Maria: Everything Stephen L. Wilson and this anthology stands for is…

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