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Stephen L Wilson, the principal editor, Twist of Fate shares his insight …

Dr. Kiriti Sengupta (Calcutta, India), interviewing contributing poets, writers, and artists for the soon-to-be-published global Twist of Fate anthology conceived and materialized by Indies In Action.


Interviewing   Stephen L Wilson (U.S.A)

Interviewer : Kiriti Sengupta (India)


Hi Stephen !! This is Kiriti from India. I must congratulate and thank you for the painstaking effort you have invested towards the making of a global anthology, Twist of Fate. Being the administrator of the group Indies in Action and the Chief Editor of the anthology, I would appreciate if you, please, answer me. Are you ready ?


Stephen: I am ready, Kiriti. Thank you very much for taking the time to put together the ideas and thoughts of the people behind the work. I hope that those who read this are inspired by our project.


Kiriti: What made you form the group Indies in Action ?


Stephen: It actually began in 1996. I was in Oklahoma City the year after the Alfred P. Murrah building was destroyed by a domestic…

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