Ben sana hep üşüyordum,

Çünkü kıştım..

Nakıştım, bakıştım..Inkar

etmiyorum da bunu..

Seni sevmek gibi büyük işlere


Ve lütfen inkar etme;

Sana en çok ben yakıştım…

[Poetry Source: Özdemir Asaf]


I was always cold for your warmth,

for I was winter…

an image, a glance..And

I don’t deny that..

I dared to undertake big affairs,

such as loving you…

Please don’t resist;

I was the best match to you…

[Translation Source: Self]








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6 responses to “Çünkü

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  3. wonderful translation of a nice poem, thank you for sharing it with us, Hulya! 😉


    • Thank you very much for the comment, Nicola! This one gave me a difficult time because of the opening verse, “Ben hep sana üşüyordum” – a statement that doesn’t allow the user of the English language with sufficient options. I know I will keep working on this one. Perhaps, you may have a suggestion for me?


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