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NaPoWriMo Challenge: Day 28

Bolla Chardonnay

leftover meal with old friends

laughter for dessert

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Für meine liebe Lilia Felice Siede, die ich dank meiner liebsten Yasemin Ergün als Neugeborenes in meinen Armen als die “hülya Teyze” halten durfte: Meine herzlichsten Wünsche zum Geburtstag! For my dear Lilia Felice Siede, whom I was allowed to hold in my arms as a newborn as her “Auntie hülya” thanks to my dearest Yasemin Ergün: My most heartfelt wishes for your birthday!

I have written this poem also to honor the memory of my long-deceased cousin, Yasemin Ergün from her heart who was robbed by a fatal cancer of any opportunity beyond a mere one year to celebrate her daughter’s much sought birth.

To all cancer survivors: May you live long, healthy lives with your loved ones!


Lilia, *mein Schatz

you won’t know me

I left too soon


you were born of love and longing so strong

made me feel immortal by your side

merely a year, though, is all we had aside


you are a young woman now,

beautiful, bright and loved very much

no longer the tiny darling in my arms

precious but ever so fragile,

sending me beams for immense joy

shaming even the cancer of its call


it is your birthday today

I am not there for you again

but don’t be sad as you are not on your own


also the one with whom you locked eyes long ago


in my in-laws’ house, on the ground story

when we were cradling you, a newly born beauty

the one who probably mirrored me to you

for the color of her skin, hair and eye

whose both arms better secured you many a meal

before you glided into a sleep so deep and real


embraces you always with my and her love combined

whom I introduced to you in her mother’s tongue

you know, mein Schatz, you have met her online anew

the one who signs her e-mails hülya *Teyze for me and you


~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

* (German): my treasure; my darling; my sweetheart

* (Turkish): aunt; auntie (non-biological)


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NaPoWriMo Challenge: Day 26




a call

a line

a sight

a presence


to reminisce







make up



be loved


solo dining travel slumber


freedom, bitter-sweet, indeed

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NaPoWriMo Challenge: Day 25


nostalgic for elation


bursting balloons wrapped in a rainbow

splashed by the waves of my daily walks

arms extended, my lair, prancing along

my shadow, secured away, awaiting a return

in and out of the Town Square, stores and cafes

still in high heels, my frolicking spirit

all senses, honed by the keenest of eyes

with a soaring want for a final reunion

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NaPoWriMo Challenge: Day 24


resentment, past and present


thirty-two years

he has been married to her

half a year after her only love – his words

longer united than – but

he has had it with her, he now concludes

nerved, edgy, even offensive

can’t and won’t stay with his son and his wife

few blocks down

the family he financed throughout their lives

wants to be on his own

with me, in the heat of my life struggle

after decades are gone

continents away


too much resentment

if for nothing else…

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NaPoWriMo Challenge: Day 23

eyes on my work chair

mouth in fast non-stop motion

feet on hopping gear




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NaPoWriMo Challenge: Day 22

Day 22 prompt of NaPoWriMo challenges me “to write a poem in keeping with Earth Day. […]”  Unfortunately, I don’t have a happy poem about a new growth in nature somewhere.  I am no gardener.  As for house plants, even the most negligence-tolerant ones tend to die fast in my hands.  I do, however, appreciate nature and like it very much from indoors. In other words, I am not a grouch of some kind but rather one of those people who just can’t grow anything that comes in the form of seed into their hands.  At any rate.  To compensate the somewhat grim tone of my verses today, I am leaving you with the ever-so-mood-lifting images from a link I was eager to borrow from a long-time friend. With much appreciation for both of my sources, for they helped me save the Earth Day for a change.


caressed each dead branch

poured love to the dried up soil

oh, why, my Bonsai!



Mentioned Sources:


Dr. Joshua Brown


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NaPoWriMo Challenge: Day 21

flour, water, salt, hands,

diligence, speed, energy,

hot plate: his food art

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NaPoWriMo Challenge: Day 19

female virginity

a tireless phobia

its purity

its lack as well

a timeless obsession






intact or dissolved

an ageless restrain


oh, my sweet country of birth

when will you depossess

your menhood

conceive your women in whole

unveil their centuries-long wisdom?

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NaPoWriMo Challenge: Day 17

Today, I adapt to the prompt from day 6 on the NaPoWriMo challenge but it is day 17. Since all prompts are optional, I take this liberty with no feelings of guilt (!)  Maureen Thorson describes the task as follows: “[…] This might seem like a bit of a downer, but I challenge you to write a valediction. This is a poem of farewell.  Perhaps the most famous one is John Donne’s “A Valediction Forbidding Mourning”, which turns the act of saying good-bye into a very tender love poem. But your poem could say “good-bye” (and maybe good riddance!) to anything or anyone. A good-bye to winter might be in order, for example. Or good-bye to the week-old [E]aster eggs in your refrigerator. Light or serious, long or short, it’s up to you!”

As a semi-confident pessimist, my heart takes me to a serious goodbye, one I have dreaded severely during my daughter’s infant, toddler, formative, teenage years and even early twenties. For I had feared to leave her without a mother when she still needed one.  Now that she is a young but very mature adult, I am able to shed those feelings of dread…


my mother, grieving over her own

believed I must leave before I arrived

my melancholy is meant to be

don’t you, *Bir Tanem, ever think thus!



grieved over her;

him, whom you know of;

myself, the once intact one;

my accidental life

them, who loved me so

yet migrated one by one



aching heart


burdened years


a *can torn from *canan


on eternal leave

had arrived this time



just don your prominent smile, Bir Tanem!

Let your beautiful self evade all ills!

Hold that delightful thrill in your eyes!


Life is stunning, as it is arduous.

Hurt is incredibly real but so is joy.



keep at your path through and through

don’t forget to taste others, too

demand from your crossroads – one or two

to not close you in with whomever!

Whether a mate or a lover,

make sure to only have a *dost beside you.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Turkish words in translation:

Bir Tanem: My One and Only

can: life; soul

canan: the beloved

dost (in its original meaning): gender-neutral friend for life; bad-time friend

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