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The art of saying goodbye

Of course I am being sarcastic. If there is no “love divine” or any form of “love” to begin with, for that matter, how then can there be a “kiss” of it at the event of a separation? What I am not in the least bit exaggerating is my conviction that there is an art of saying goodbye, when there has been intimacy between those who are parting. Whether that intimacy has been on an emotional, intellectual, mental, spiritual or physical level should not matter. For even a miniscule amount of respect in ending “things” has the potential to become the only untainted memory within the individuals involved, regardless of the extent or length of their engagement with one another – something to take for the road we all have only one of.

Now, I leave the stage yet once again to my all-time favorite singing sensation, Dean Martin who succeeds in calming my slumber-craving nights like no other man has ever been capable of. Not because he never leaves my side but rather that he does so with a soul-soothing caress: “take my kiss to sleep with you, this kiss of love divine”…

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Elegy – 5



right from the outset

ingesting all signals

subtle but intense


had the courage to cite

a woman’s invite to unite

an elite member of times long past

from the Empire of the Ottomans, at last


yet, the choice, firm, had been made

with not one miniscule hope left



right from the outset

this time, it is the end

must stop waiting to any further extent

for tomorrow’s ills are still to be met

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Elegy – 4


the tune, throbbing in my mind

heart, ripped off of its home

worthless body

can’t even say goodbye


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