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NaPoWriMo Challenge: Day 6

In Remembrance


This once they were saved, the babies.

The killer, dead.



Unlike the one

who aspired to live

for several rounds too many.


Oh, you innocent souls,

sweet gifts of life,

treasures of the future;

the present, stolen from you,

a mere one digit past.


Catherine Hubbard

Noah Puzner

Ana Marquez-Greene

Madeline Hsu

Jesse Lewis

Emilie Parker

Jessica Rekos

Caroline Previdi

Grace McDonnell

Benjamin Wheeler

Avielle Richman

Daniel Barden

Jack Pinto

Olivia Engel

Chase Kowalski

Allison Wyatt

Dylan Hockley

Josephine Gay

James Mattioli

Charlotte Bacon


This stranger’s heart

refutes your final moments

welcomes those enchanting smiles, instead.



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