“Taking Loved Ones for Granted”

taking loved ones for granted . . .

my beloved said these words this morning
as a response to my unease with my self
about matters pressing hard on my psyche

he was not judging,
only listening through his heart
reason joined in on our soulful exchange

my dis-ease of the self in many of its aspects
had to come out and speak up,
for the dissatisfaction i have been having
with my wholesome embrace of my loved ones
had become severe, so severe that i knew
deep inside something had to change

a serious improvement was long overdue

my love is immense, it has been always,
but not so my actual actions

so, as i am examining my spirit at its core
i am jotting down these random lines
to have my contemplations, reflections,
emotions, thoughts, potentials,
capabilities, abilities and potential for a
higher consciousness chime in anew,
and i realize how much more there is
that i am ready and willing to do,
to say, to feel, to show, to reassure
and to confirm where my love is due

a self-examination of one’s own awareness
about life’s truly-mattering matters
is what i now find myself do

and this realization
arrived at my doorstep
not a moment too soon

(c) hülya n. yılmaz, February 15, 2019


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7 responses to ““Taking Loved Ones for Granted”

  1. Oh dear Hülya… this sadly difficult world in which to find a chance to give meaning to our time meagre lives, needs so many more Hülyas to even scratch the service of this need.


  2. Jean-Jacques

    Tho your reflection of this morning is most tempting to comment upon, your loved one’s observation has one presume anyone else’s take would be at a disadvantage despite having followed much of your previous and past writings. Therefore I will but say that my impression of you’re generosity towards others including myself may not afford another’s
    opinion for fear of unjustly contredicting or having not correctly understood the total inference of your gracious compose.

    otherwise having misunderstood the full intent


    • I eagerly listened to your insightful words, dear Jean-Jacques, and will repeat what I find myself say to you quite often: Thank you for seeing through any of my lines the true me. I thank you also for always taking the time to read me and share your most valuable contemplations on your readings. I remain eternally grateful to you.


    • Dearest Jean-Jacques, you have not “misunderstood the full intent”. I am always questioning my self and end up finding my actions to be much left to desire when a demonstration of my love for others is concerned. It is a process, my graceful friend, and I am caught between a rock and a hard place . . .


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