. . .

gene çocuklar aciz
gene çocuklar yetişkin acılar içinde
oysa ki çocuklar hep gülmeli

onları biz istemedik mi . . .

Turkish original by hülya n. yılmaz (2.27.2016)


children are helpless again
children in adult-size suffering again

children however must smile always
must be able to smile

aren’t we after all who wanted them .  . .

English translation by hülya n. yılmaz (6.13.2016)





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2 responses to “. . .

  1. Indeed Hülya… your observation does give that needed food for thought. Thus as to wanting these children, for by extension, we too now adults must had been wanted, or so we hope. Ergo my observation of yours, dear friend… Thanks for the inspiration.

    Of The Children ~ be life’s lot ~ Who are these children Want recognize not, They too be as when A child often fraught, Who attains adult size Makes them never so, Then the more wise As forever the child, Be no less than life’s lot!

    Jean-Jacques Fournier


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