. . . long overdue . . .

With a smiling heart, I greet you right by the entry door to my home, see you in, guide you to my only comfortable eating corner where several distinctly Turkish baked goods await us. Once you are seated, I steep tea or make coffee – through the ritualistic steps they are prepared in Turkey, and just must accompany any pleasure-food served to welcome guests into the hearth of lengthy delightful conversations . . .

You, dear readers and dear followers, are my special guests to this virtual get-together today, as I attempt to express my long overdue thanks to you for your loyal interest in my writings. The fact that you let me know of your presence here by opting for a “Like” or by leaving a comment is a gift from you that I don’t take for granted. And, this time around, I would like to draw in the help of a maxim by William Arthur Ward in order to better articulate my appreciation of you for your visits to my blog site:


May the rest of your Sunday and your new week bring you only the pleasant kinds of life experiences. ~


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2 responses to “. . . long overdue . . .

  1. yes, i must share. . . all love . . . btw, i prefer Tea 🙂

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    • … by all means (how wonderful for me to know that my invitation is accepted) … all love also from me to you and yours … Tea it is, then 🙂 (Turkey is quite rich in tea production – so, you will have a large variety to choose from)


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