atop the gentle ripples
of today’s calm Black Sea
on the edge of that picturesque town
of my insatiable yearning

my face kisses the burnt-orange sun
a push-over wave pats me on my shoulders
(our new neighbor must be on the go
with his sailboat again)

i shoo away my childhood fear of jelly fish
in their territory am i now after all
the largest ones i ever saw
right here i believe
always bloating over
the small skinny hands of the same little boys
(or so i still trick myself to think)
beach-combing free-spirits
tossing those pulsating bells back and forth
their version of
they are overly active now
it looks like the entire medusa population
gathered around the lads
i’m safe i’m safe yes i am . . .

oh no
can’t be . . .

don’t you whirl around my feet

what are you doing under my lilo

double eek
triple eek

. . .



© hülya  n. yılmaz, 6.18.2016

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
While my decision is not yet firm, I may submit this poem as one of my three contributions to  The Year of the Poet, a monthly anthology of international dynamics, published by Inner Child Press, Ltd.   





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4 responses to ““afloat”

  1. A beautiful poem, that pulls one right along to experience what lives on in your heart, as well as in your mind. A very powerful poem, deserving indeed for submission to The Year of the Poet. I ca but relate to your beautiful poem you call “afloat”, most appropriately!

    I’ll send you a piece that I wrote some years ago which was publish in my 9th book, a couple of years ago, that explains why I so relate to “afloat”…

    Jean-Jacques Fournier


    • While I have stayed quiet behind the scenes, I have immediately read your poem, dear Jean-Jacques. The imagery you have conceived has moved in to my mind to hold my verses’ hands. And I thank you for not leaving me alone in my attempt to re-visit the carefree childhood times for the sake of calming today’s harsh breezes that come one’s way once an adult. Respectful greetings, dear friend.


  2. Love it . . . love the playfulness it emotes . . .


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