From Can Yücel’s Poem, “Bağlanmayacaksın”

Bağlanmayacaksın bir şeye, öyle körü körüne.
“O olmazsa yaşayamam” demeyeceksin.
Demeyeceksin işte.
Yaşarsın çünkü.
Öyle beylik laflar etmeye gerek yok ki.
Çok sevmeyeceksin mesela. O daha az severse kırılırsın.
Ve zaten genellikle o daha az sever seni, senin o’nu sevdiğinden.
Çok sevmezsen, çok acımazsın.
Çok sahiplenmeyince, çok ait de olmazsın hem.

You mustn’t get attached to anything in a blinded way.

You mustn’t conclude, “I can’t live without him/her.”

You just mustn’t.

Because you will live.

There is no use for such cliches.

You mustn’t love much, for instance. You’ll break when he/she loves less.

And it’ll be so that he/she will love you less than your love.

If you don’t love much, you won’t pain much.


If you don’t possess much, you also won’t belong much.


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4 responses to “From Can Yücel’s Poem, “Bağlanmayacaksın”

  1. Great wisdom, for the likes of such a thorny road, if that has been your fate to live with a like landscape. The kind of beauty not to be wished upon someone you bring in or to your life.
    Be well my dear friend Hüyla


    • I am aware, many people (whom I know closely) don’t have to go through life in the landscape of my mention. Even though it is and has been “a thorny road” for some others and myself, such struggle has its own beauty and I am thankful for the experience. You be well, too, dear Jean-Jacques.


      • I was thinking primarily of the poor and unfortunate children born to the many thorny roads, the beauty of which, they in turn may not survive the experience. I say this in spite of the fact that I too experienced struggles, and which in retrospect I find myself thankful, as it has allowed me to appreciate how precious life and they dear friends truly are.

        And now my dear Hülya… May whatever power exists to make happy and positive worthy things happen, look favourably upon you and I and those we treasure. JJ


        • Dear friend, I hope you’ll forgive me for such delay in my reply. May I shamelessly echo your eloquent words of good will in order to reciprocate? I wish for you anything and everything that will make you elated in every which way. I look forward to hearing from you again – of course, in no rush, as I know you are working on your 12th book…


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