for my poem REMEMBERING Bursa016

Oriental Plane Bursa, Turkey

Platanus Orientalis, Bursa, Turkey

Georges Jansoone JoJan – Own work (own photo)





would you like your door closed


…is it the same shuffle

only a bit faster at speed than yesterday

or was it last week

is it a she like i

what difference does it make anyway

we all look the same

but not at all in a good way

was that an actual laughter


how precious they are


do you need me to pull down the shades


…the grandmother story of that young nurse

my clouds are as intriguingly shaped to me

teasing the sun rays now and again

maybe it is the other way around


come on

shine on my yellowed eyes and face

why not also on my blued, greened and crimsoned vein outlets


too bad you don’t have a view


on the contrary

what about the vast yellow green crimson mountain

its playful clouds

its sunshine – no matter how shy

my breath carried away by my shuffling feet

yes, still yet to arrive…

perhaps, however, sooner than we all think


if only you had a lovely tree to see



she did

like in her most favorite story

a woman alone in her room

only one plane tree escorting her

through the tiny window

she watching its leaves fall

a few at a time

she dying with the last one


would you like your door closed

do you need me to pull down the shades


thank you for asking but no

i think i will be alive for a little while longer


hülya n. yılmaz, 11.1.2014


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2 responses to “remembering

  1. Beautiful…! So much so that I will save a tear by which to remember it, a little while longer. Un bisou pour aujourd’hui, chère Hülya ! JJ


    • How elegantly you always phrase your precious comments, dear friend. A kiss is also on its way from me to you (please don’t ever withhold your use of French…I am learning a few small treasures thanks to them)!


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