…fortunate and excited to share two news with you…

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Good Sunday! Just this past week, I have found out the following news, both from my publisher. Forgive me, if I only bring them to you this time. May the rest of your Sunday and your new week be as pleasant as it can be. As always, I very much look forward to your next visit.

~ ~ ~

The first news comes to you in a simple copy and paste act as follows: 

“Congratulations to Laura Lee Sweet, LaFaye Farrar, Keith Alan Hamilton, Robert J. Neal, Patrice N. Rivers, Hülya N Yılmaz and Lisa N. Wiley … they are the top 7 in Book Sales for the 1st Quarter of 2014. Find out why at: Inner Child Press Bookstore

The second news regards the fact that I now am on the verge of  launching my professional manuscript  review and critique services within the body of Inner Child Press, ltd. I am currently working on establishing my new blog, also right here on wordpress.com. This branching was offered to me by dear William S. Peters Sr.,my publisher (scroll down, once on the site),  thanks to his critical insight into my corresponding extensive experience in the fields of book and manuscript reviews and critiques. Review and Critique Services for Manuscripts of Fiction of All Length, my related blog site is yet under construction. Please visit it in about few short days, if you could; for I seek and will look forward to receive your thoughts, reactions, comments, suggestions.



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4 responses to “…fortunate and excited to share two news with you…

  1. Awesome You . . . .


  2. I am very excited to hear your news Hulya! It is inspiring to hear you will share your talents and expertise with other writers.


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