In case you have…

…purchased a copy of my Trance, a collection of poems in English, German and Turkish, dear friends,  visitors, explorers, supporters of independent authors’ works, would you consider reviewing this Inner Child Press, Ltd. publication?  You have my thanks for your consideration.  The link is as follows: amazon Customer Reviews.

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8 responses to “In case you have…

  1. I apologise for not having had or taken the time to date, to send you my humble thoughts on your book Trance. I will do my best to do so on my return from a trip abroad, though it is a task I do find difficult and not really qualified to do justice on someone’s work the likes of yours, dear friend.


    • Dear Jean-Jacques, I don’t even know how to express MY apology for this delay in my reply to your utterly kind comment. I always love hearing from you, whether it is with large time intervals or in more frequence, I will be once again delighted to have a word from you. We can leave my Trance behind and talk about your newest book project. I hope your trip abroad is being a pleasant one to the limit. With my best wishes, as always – your friend, hülya


  2. Hello again dear Hûlya… going back to look for your poetry, and with my lopsided method of searching I ran into your book “Trance” and just placed an order for a copy of it with Amazon. I now have something else to look forward to of yours. Speaking of forward, I read what you said about looking after your inner child, which immediately established that of which you and I have in common, arousing my interest as well as my curiosity even more.
    À bientöt chère ami, and take care of your health. A big hug to help it along!


    • A warm hello back, dear Jean-Jacques! I want to hope you won’t be disappointed in all that I have gathered in Trance…the final days before its trip to the printing offices – the most critical, where I should have been revising and/or editing – were filled with complications of my daughter’s pregnancy but also my semester-end responsibilities. I am not proud of the outcome as far as my own contribution is concerned but look back at this debut book as my repeated dream having come true. I hope you will find in it at least a few poems to your liking. And: thank you for running into it and wanting to have a copy of your own! Thank you also for your big hug! It surely helps me on way to recovery. Fondly, your friend hülya


      • I read your natural critical reaction of a first book. I said the same of my first three… I believe it is what we all feel, as we are always our own worst critic. I have no doubt that in spite of your comment, it is a wonderful book, and I am most anxious to receive it.
        In the meantime take care and hurry to get better, dear friend. And another big hug to keep a speedy healing momentum going. Jean-Jacques


        • You are too kind to comfort me like this (but I am not going to reject your generous words…). Your hug from the other day has done wonders and I will be taking this one also to the same healing need of mine, with my heartfelt thanks. Be well, dear friend and take care.


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