Elegy – 4


the tune, throbbing in my mind

heart, ripped off of its home

worthless body

can’t even say goodbye


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4 responses to “Elegy – 4

  1. Elegy 4… I love your style of expression Absolutely my kind of poetry. With 18 words you said it all that needed to be said, leaving no room for doubt as to the overwhelming emotional despair. I am indeed truly impressed, and I thank you for this, as I don’t impress easily.
    Though I am not big on the haiku poetry, I have immense passion for short poems, and seeing you are so good at it, you might enjoy the poet Samuel Menashe, a master of the short poem. He is a native of New York, who sadly died a little over 2 years ago,who nevertheless lived to 86. He has published a number of poetry books.

    Now I am off to read your other Elegy poems, # 6 which has already impressed me equally. You are indeed a magnificent poet, and with a style, that is the kind for which I have a preference. Bravo!


    • Your generosity in attributing to me the claim of a “magnificent poet” instills in me the fear that my work – almost all, solely unedited yet – may disappoint you during one of your readings. You seem to be far more forgiving than I am toward my own poetry, writings in general. And you have my gratitude for such supportive and kind act. Thank you also for the reference to Samuel Menashe, whose poetry I now will learn through you. In the hope that you will continue to be ‘impressed’ with my lyrical notes of your “preference”, I remain a true fan of your work. And for that, you have another set of thanks from me.


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