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NaPoWriMo Challenge: Day 12

“Today’s offering comes to us from Charles Bernstein’s list of poetry experiments. In particular, today I challenge you to ‘write a poem consisting entirely of things you’d like to say, but never would, to a parent, lover, sibling, child, teacher, roommate, best friend, mayor, president, corporate CEO, etc.’ Honesty is the best policy, after all, so get it off your chest!” (NaPoWriMo – About)

your mother was dying

you considered aborting

for fear of insufficient nourishing


at birth

your arms were embracing

from your lips, words of sadness


in a tiny bundle


covered in body hair

no contest to your first-born

yet your love, all the same


when did the domination begin?


to wear this but not that

to use grace while stepping on a path

not to let the shoulder rise for a tote

head up,

relax neck,

one foot before the other

make them heed a tight distance

arms, not swinging back and forth

but rather in harmony with the rest

draw liner outside the lids, never mark the inside

mascara, only on occasion

no need to color the lips

the cheeks

but cover acne

with dark shade powder

multiple layers are desired

wear long hair uncaged

but not below the waist

no need to access the lack of height

Henna is a must

for it enhances

the beauty of olive skin.


He is the ever first

besides, too young

a bookish boy

an only child

his mother over-demands

his cousin over-reacts

his aunts, too modern


He, a dream come true!

In looks and in age –


No need to meet every day.


His mother…


His sister…


No, no!  Not at all okay.

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