Back in the Farm . . .

Back in the Farm . . .
as my beloved would say
to make heavy matters
not weigh me down
but we both know it too well
this sickness has its way
to stay deep in our psyche
because the white man
knows not to let it be

the urge to root for slavery
is etched in his DNA

history repeats itself indeed
his barbarism, his most addictive weed

as i write down these words in despair
i am filled with paralyzing thoughts
as i am acutely aware
this disease does not yield itself
to be an easy repair

(c) hülya n. yılmaz, 11.20.2019


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8 responses to “Back in the Farm . . .

  1. Shareef Abdur-Rasheed

    Salaams Hulya the piece Back in the Farm puts forth the position that the so called white man has in his DNA to look down upon people of color especially those who identify as black as slaves put here on the earth to serve and obey those precieved or identify as white. Certainly history would lead one to believe this is a accurate conclusion. I take exception to this because though they may be in the minority amoungst people’s classified as white which by the way is a false,made up classification only to attribute the concept of purity to white as opposed to those lesser ‘ others ‘ only to shore up and attempt to legitimize the fallacy of white supremacy there are those who vehemently oppose this. Simply i truly believe this is learned not genetic from a very young age and passed down to continue on. The onus is on those amoungst them who oppose this lie to make effort to make their dissenting voice heard complete with a intelligent counter point. Ofcourse this is a monumental task but it must be done reguardless because it is crucial to do so. Allah(swt) revealed in Qur’an: 15,26 that mankind was created from sounding, black clay. Chew on that for a minute. Thank you for opening up dialog by way of this piece. Peace,one love.

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    • Exclusionary thought processes are taught, indeed. There is nothing inborn in learning separatist behavioral tendencies. It is meaningful to me to have a dialog about these matters. How else could we all take anything back home? Into our psyche, that is. Regardless of any analyses, however, the mentality behind excluding anyone – especially, when in a demeaning manner, from the only race there is, humanity, never ceases to astonish me. Often, I am left speechless. Yet, speak we must. Someone out there will be listening with their heart open, and realize one day soon, the monolithic worldview is not the path to take. I thank you for bringing sense into this conversation, my esteemed brother. I thank you for your incredible heart. I thank you for speaking up with your amazing mind.


  2. As would I like to believe, but to survive, one must take the lead and example of our infamous professional politicians. They whose main means of survival is to bare bone continuously fib, as in the willing will survive… ergo the pharmaceuticals, the ultimate buyers of politics!

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  3. As man is the supposed healer, we are made to contend with a fact of many, one of which has to do with money. Selling pills and placebos is far more profitable than initiating cures, physical, spiritual or mental.Though speaking out will eventually force man to adjust, when all stalls have failed and self-preservation is to close to the edge to not give a little until the next crisis.
    But even back on the farm, every dog has his day, thus so, the willing will survive!


    • You have touched upon an acute problem of our times, when even the so-called deadliest disease, cancer, can be cured (or managed) via natural means. Yet, such venues attract the fatal fire of pharmaceutical companies. I would so much like to believe what you say last: “the willing will survive!”


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