Our Elderly

We say we love them.
And we most certainly do.
Then comes the end of their time.
We are not there. We are never there.

One by one, my elderly passed away.
Today still, my heart runs astray.
Neither my mind nor my heart
Is able at any peaceful point to find
The means to console me on my own way

They face death alone . . .

Leaving an unfillable void in our soul.

(c) hülya n. yılmaz, 11.29.2019

~ ~ ~
When my last elderly has transitioned on November 26, 2019 far away from me, this poem came into being.


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6 responses to “Our Elderly

  1. I thank you, my esteemed brother Shareef, for sharing your authentic voice here on this complex matter as far as our highly personal display of our own humanity. I am old enough to remember the far gentler, more compassionate times when interactions between my beloved members of my immediate and extended families were concerned. I, for one, have never been able to live up to my own expectations and wishes to be there for any of my dearly loved elderly. And I am facing that cold reality head-on now. Once again, I thank you for your heart’s words that reflect a great mind at work.


  2. Shareef Abdur-Rasheed

    This is a intense, vital topic and in this high pace world that is driven by the so called mighty dollar, pound, euro etc. much of the western world especially and america in particular has lost some decree of humanity. Being a senior myself i can relate to this topic and Hulya thank you for bringing attention to it. Many elderly are literally abandoned by their family who consider them a obstacle in the path to aquire material wealth or just feel their fathers, mothers etc are to much to care for and in many instances that is a legitimate concern. Reguardless in all cases family need to consider their own mortality and that the script flips very quick and sudden and in a blink they are the one to be cared for yearning for love from the people they sacrificed their own lives for giving them their sincere loving care when they couldn’t do for themselves. In the end all of us must face that and be held accountable for our actions. Thank you Hulya.

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  3. Poignant and true. Thank you for your heart-felt words of wisdom and writings!

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