“life on fire”

life keeps burning into Earth’s core
gold-plated pen on imported paper . . .
insane politicians, disguised as humans
don their games of ultimate absurdity
against the wildest definition of sanity
each de-constructs, destroys and destructs
until their own brains shrink day by day
alongside ours, which we have obviously sent
onto lost grounds somewhere else to play

(c) hülya n. yılmaz, August 21, 2019


Filed under Poetry, Reflections

2 responses to ““life on fire”

  1. You are speaking in a language that the literate world is finally starting to comprehend, and your economy of words makes it near impossible to ignore reading.Bravo! … and if I may add, my economical two cents worth in reply;

    Politicizing We
    – of subservient naiveté –

    Among leaders politic
    Seek to survive fate,
    Wants befog dyslexics
    With unqualified state,
    Of IQ thin distinction
    Will attempt to negate,
    In a clutter of unction
    Schemes of no define,
    And scant proficiency
    For dispirited minds,
    Who’ll not prod ability
    Makes to politicize we
    Of subservient naiveté!

    © Jean-Jacques Fournier

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    • How much alike are our thought processes, my dear Jean-Jacques! Thank you for sharing your work – “economy” well-crafted! I thank you also for the incredible sensitivity you have always shown to my writings. All love, dear friend!


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