“the world’s timeline knows . . .”

they had to be noted
while their desert of sand
still chuckled in giggles
with their newborns’ tickles
but also drained out persistent tears
that were soaked by parents’ eternal fears

wars were aplenty back then

are you with me?
do you see what i see?
on second thought . . .
never mind!
forget about me!
just look
please take a good look
with your heart’s eyes however
holding on all along
to the hand of your conscience too
surely you will heed
the desperate call for a minute-long silence
in the face of the so-called
ancient times’ wholehearted embrace
of building legendary and timeless monuments
of constructing age-old destructions

oh, the broken spirits’ tears!
oh, those souls-burning tears!

wars are too plentiful today

© hülya n. yılmaz, 1.20.2018

[This poem appeared in the February, 2018 issue of The Year of the Poet, a monthly international anthology published by Inner Child Press. The Year of the Poet has its regularly contributing poets from various parts of the world and features between three and four new poetry writers every month. Now in its fifth year, this book showcases -outside its monthly changing featured poets, the poetic works of fourteen “permanent” writers. The book’s 2018 offerings have been conceived to highlight a different civilization each month. Accordingly, it serves also as a collective educational undertaking to offer insight into various aspects of civilizations of the past and present.]


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4 responses to ““the world’s timeline knows . . .”

  1. A truly wonderful poem, most impressive and the more so, for as you say, of having bent your rules. May I suggest, that your choice of subject other than, and outside of intimate exchanges, exposes a most interesting facet of the humanly profound Nhülya, one has come to know through reading your work and commentary exchanges. Bravo my friend for this beautiful and winning poem…!

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    • Dearest Jean-Jacques, my poet friend: I am utterly touched and humbly honored by your eloquently kind words about my poem. Your comments mean so much to me. Always. But when you see my inner voice behind the poetic disguise with each of your analyses, you touch a special place in my soul. Then, I fail to find the deserving words to express everything that I feel and think in a legible manner. Just know this: You are utterly appreciated. Always.


  2. I love it …. noticing your rhyming play …. 🌷

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