. . .

curses to that sea
she is idyllic
oh yes
but ever so merciless

why do lullabies not rise instead
for angel-breaths like Aylan Kurdi
who had a mere three-year-span
to be loved in tenderness . . .

~ ~ ~

From “hülya’s Poetic Impulses of Candor” in my newest book of poetry: Aflame. Memoirs in Verse. Inner Child Press Ltd. (August 2, 2017); available at inner child press
Also available at inner child press are the following:
An Aegean Breeze of Peace, a book of poetry that I have co-authored with
Demetrios Trifiatis (October 12, 2015), and
Trance (December 12, 2013) ~ My trilingual poetry book with my own translations between English, German and Turkish


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2 responses to “. . .

  1. Happy days, and good luck with your latest publication, Aflame, as well as your previous other books…!
    Nice touch your, curses to that sea, as for me it brings to the fore, memories of old as the navy man I’d been back then, and those of more recent in my scribbles about and of the sea…

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    • I thank you wholeheartedly, dear poet friend, Jean-Jacques. Once I had seen the photo of Aylan Kurdi whose body was found at a shore of one of Turkey’s seas, I could not take him out of my mind or heart …


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