“you are my weakness”

i mean no offense

the only one
allowed to destroy my vip for life
carving out salivating annihilating
all that i believed my core stood for

i mean no offense

the only one
allowed to mislead the virgin in me
i had since birth been treasuring
inside this rapidly aged and aging body

i mean no offense

the only one
allowed to trash my inborn naiveté
cherished not merely a summer or a winter
but for four seasons arriving each year one by one

i mean no offense

the only one
allowed to put me on hold
time and time again
on and on…and on

with hope-robbed mercilessly grueling
heart-to-mind mind-to-heart lectures
having me wait on call in infinite shifts
none of those cruel hours reaching an end

then to make known
i’m sorry  you are not worth
to alter life for
what on earth for

i mean no offense

the only one
to come to my defense
erecting back the pieces
from their deepest depth


. . .

no not you my unforgettable first love
no not you my youth’s handsomest nth suitor
no not you my unfortunate partner in marriage
no not you my last gentlest purest love

i mean no offense

. . .

you on the other hand
yes you the one and only self
are my weakness at its worst
and my strength at its best

you are finally caressed
in the same tenderest way
i tirelessly tended to my lovers
having given you frivolously away

you are loved the same at last

©hülya n. yılmaz, 2.1.2017


Filed under Poetry, Reflections

2 responses to ““you are my weakness”

  1. take no offense, that I take to read your poem to find strength which you expose in baring what you speak of as weaknesses. Excellent!


    • Oh, dearest Jean-Jacques, you grace me/my poetry with such eloquent comments that too often I have no equal words to reciprocate. Thank you, dear friend! (No offense is taken for the heart-warming smiles you have endowed me with.)


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