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September 7, 2016 · 7:00 am

2 responses to “. . .

  1. Good point Hülya… And like our dentists, shall there be teachers of emotionestry, as in dentistry? Thus so to teach and instruct future practitioners meant to come to the rescue of sufferers… as in they who become afflicted with uncontrollable emotional excesses requiring such extractions.



    • I like the sense of refined humor with which you tolerate my silliness here, dear Jean-Jacques. Emotionestry, it is then! On a serious note – since I am a notoriously stubborn pessimist: When one suffers from afflictions of this nature, even the wildest thoughts enter the mind in a desperate attempt to scare away the persistently and consistently sad state of being. I will keep working on inventing a tool to apply such extractions…


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