givers and takers
the mismatched weight-bearers
on this capsized fulcrum of a seesaw
called life

takers survive each fall

the thin-skinned
collect their pieces
to save face


and again

they will never get this game
for its lopsided lever
has been cast over them
at the onset of time
by those
who entitled
their selves
the immortal seats

the winners…
do take it all


© hülya n. yılmaz, 9.2.2016

Songtext von ABBA – The Winner Takes It All


Filed under Reflections

6 responses to “Period.

  1. Wow. How true this can be!


  2. Period…! Well aside from my overall reaction to this excellent poem, it has the aspect of it being nothing less than categorical, in the finality that suggest definite closure. Worthy council to follow indeed.


    • You are reading me with an understanding from such a level of depth, dear friend, that every time I receive a comment from you it is to me, as were I to see my poems or “Eternalist Notions” for the first time. And, I am at a loss of words to express my gratitude to you.


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