…paper boats…


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Perhaps, you know the feeling: a moment in which a sad memory is triggered yet once again but meets a bitter-sweet attempt at a relief in the heart no matter how faint its plea…without you having realized a change in you toward emotional survival. For you are just too tired of the agony that has been bleeding out of the core of your being, dragging your original self to the open seas, trying in desperation to no longer hope against the apparent outcome…

i had never learned

how to sail a paper boat

in nature’s moving water

when i was little

throughout my adult life then

i suffered despondent beyond despair

clinging to my passions fervent dreams visions

begging the river around me to flow at my tending will

i the desperate fool for love am yet to set sail

to dissolve into the current of the sea

for i have been told about the harmony within each ripple

how it promises to ease what pains me to feel…

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~



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