…depicting the loss of a loved one to life in a poem draft…


“Kırık Kanat” was the title of it 

the first book i can remember our mom giving us

“Broken Wing”

about a family falling apart 

a bird with a broken wing seeking to extend its life 

on their one-room home’s only window’s ledge

at the ground level befitting their income’s edge

as if to enable the little beauty one more flight

i read it again and again 

have you by any chance ever

mom’s copy is with me

i kept it all along

would she cry as hard now if she knew

how miserably apart you and i grew 

her only two

i am different that is true

have walked the path of mess

hurting others though with no intent

honing learned flaws i’d rather live without

but no more than you

not even once have i aimed at loving you 

under this or that condition

i just loved




not anymore

the wing intact also broke from its core


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