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Sevmek, kuru kuruya değil, onlar gibi sevebilmek

 kuru kuruya sevdiniz mi siz hiç?

On this day of “Impulses”, I am thinking back on “love” -the kind that is gifted to the bad, the capricious, the inappreciative, the unlikeable, the obnoxious, the mean-hearted, . . . in the same generous, accepting, understanding, tolerating, nurturing, forgiving way that it is reassured infinitely for the good, the thoughtful, the thankful, the likable, the agreeable, undemanding, the kind-hearted, . . . the kind I had been blessed with until the last living hours of my mother, my father, and my maternal uncle.

Then, there is “love” -the kind that I have always known as an idiom in my native tongue, “kuru kuruya sevgi”. The kind that is the same as giving someone water from a dry well . . .

[More to follow someday]



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