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A bright light


a loved one’s long lost scent

the surprise of an aromatic flow

a place i may never get to better know

houses my original self

having waited for me understood it somehow

though years of travel days of distances away

unchains with softest touch its trapping turmoils

spreads before it the most welcoming skies

breathes for it soothing breezes of air

oceanic waters of ebbs and tides

unpredictable yet donned in magnetizing beauty

traces the devotion of forgiving patient friends and family

i live


and live again

from readers writers thinkers alike

for long on a throne of their own right

i cite


and cite again

for all constitute a rope from a well about to expire

the wish to die thus does not easily stay alive

the light’s name has always been Sinopem for me

my ashes await to be spread there to the sea

its incomparable warmth was all i could wish for or plea

in approach of the cold darkness of dark moments yet to see

i finally can take it to my heart as well my head

the many a things i must still do that lie ahead

for my love of family and friends, in no doubt

however also for others i care deeply about

a very young man from the fresh recent past

opened my eyes to a distinct value at last

has shaken my self to an unselfish role

lending it sense to his potentials galore

born with no privilege living that way, too

i, however, made and today make better due

yet most i sorrow over has been my own woe

this tale though is none about me or my ado

he lives too far away, i may never see him be

i would like to see his sweet smile right before me

what’s more vital, however, is for me here to tell

the life impeccable poetry shapes onto his cell

with each of his words’ ever growing legacy

how his wisdom pours out of his essence

after a mere twenty years of existence

lacking the luxury of a computer unlike you and i

his poetic charm stuns his own words of innate music

assembles them on broad canvas of a rare refined gift

destined to soar in peace over peaks ever so high

he has just birthed The Lightbearer, a collection of verses

dedicated ardent loving are this special soul’s admirers

my dire hope is you, too, will pause a moment to heed

to see for yourself what he offers to forever breed

Kolade is his name, Olanrewaju to add

Freedom is the epithet he was meant to have had

Sinopem remains a light to me still

it will continue to be to delightfully thrill

the radiance from Kolade Olanrewaju Freedom

emanates a glow though beyond unfamiliars afar

settles it gently in to this fast aged heart

determined a little while longer to trill

hülya n. yılmaz, 10.12.2013

~ ~ ~

Kolade Olanrewaju Freedom  has been invited by the National Library of the Philippines Historical Forum 2013 to receive an award for his positive contribution to humanity through poetry.  Unfortunately, due to lack of funds he won’t be able to attend the ceremony where he would have been recognized in person as one of the honored poets worldwide.

~ ~ ~

With permission from this young poet, please find below his life story in his own words:

“I was born on the 23rd of December, 1993 in Osun State, Nigeria.  I attended my primary school at Merry Kiddies Nursery and Primary School Lagos State, Nigeria where I graduated with an excellent result.  I moved on to secondary school otherwise known as high school at Federal Government College, Ikirun.  I was in the Science department, and I had my O’level result there.  After leaving high school, I realized Science was not my passion, I studied science due to my fascination for it and also to impress others.

In my quest to satisfy passion and refine my talent, I started tutoring myself as an art student.  I taught myself literature, government, c.r.s etc.  After this, I sat for another O’level exam conducted by W.A.EC G.C.E and to my amazement, I passed all my Art subjects exams.  It was during my personal study as an art student that I encountered the gift of writing poetry, and so far, I have contributed in International anthologies like United We Stand (U.S.A) April Rains (U.S.A) Twist of Fate (U.S.A) and Heavens above Poetry Below (Canada) etc.

My two poetry books will also be published before the year ends with Nevermore Press and Inner child press (Chap book) both in the U.S.A.

I intend to study either literature or creative writing in college if offered a scholarship.”

~ ~ ~

The electronic platforms to meet Kolade Olanrewaju Freedom and his newly published book, The Light Bearer:

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