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Second year of blogging…



Good Sunday, dear friends of the reading and writing arts!

WordPress.com congratulates me for “flying” with them. I want to resound their note in a modified way, and thank you from the heart for having been here all this time and for still being here. Your visits and comments are what encouraged and inspired me to write on a regular basis, an interaction with you that I have enjoyed so much, and continue to take great pleasure in. Please feel free to let me know, as to what, in particular, you had liked in the past among my writings. I would appreciate your input with enthusiasm.

As always, I look very much forward to your next visit. May you have a wonderful Sunday and an equally remarkable new week!





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Would you mind telling me, …


(Continued from the title) …why you blog?   I so want to hear from you as far as your beginnings with blogging but also why you continued and still continue.

For some, blogging may mean an additional income, even the only income: blog-the-blog-walk-the-walk-talk-the-talk

Not for me (the general advise is for me to hold on to my day job…).

For others, blogging may be the source where they can express their skepticism, even sarcasm:


Not for me (as you all know it by now…)

Why do I blog?

When little, I was a talker.  To the point that years later, my maternal uncle didn’t stop likening my speech speed to a “Kalashnikov” (he is not an arm-carrying, nor gun-supporting person but merely noticed the resemblance as far as fast moving capacity…).  As for my late years, I am known to listen much more (I realized too many others around me had and continue to have much more meaningful things to say).  Writing, I suspect, replaced my eagerness to talk.   As for the meaning of talking, it never left my side: a concrete means to communicate, to converse (although, it is mostly a one-sided dialog what we do).   I blog because I very much enjoy the feeling of connecting with you on any topic.  I love to connect with you.  Period.  The communication culture of my place of birth is one of passionate contact; talking with hands and feet, mimics and gestures galore, hugging and kissing.  While writing a blog lacks those special flavors of human-to-human interaction, it surely is the only possible way for me to make believe all of you are here, actively present, and foremost: listening to me with a mimic, gesture, or a hug, waiting to come my way.  Just like story-telling times probably all of us have shared as a life experience at least once.   We unite.  We communicate.  We converse.  So, I am eager to support the following claim regards blogging: Blogging_quote

An integral question I ask myself non-stop is how to make such conversations worth having on the blogging table.  And for this joint exploration, I reach out to you today.

I began by inviting you to share your thoughts on why you blog.  I am ending with its twin question because I wonder what your deliberations on it are and whether you would like to have a conversation with me on this two-fold question…

Wishing you, as always, a wonderful week and looking forward to your visit on next Sunday.  May you have wonder-filled days in-between.


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Thank you, dear merlinspielen my Liebster Blog source!

Yes, I am now one of the recipients of the Liebster Blog Award thanks to merlinspielen my Liebster Blog source! I have nothing intelligent to say about this experience, only a word if appreciation to my source of designation: I appreciate your kind gesture in entrusting me with this award just when I needed a supportive reader. I had appreciated your “likes” and comments before but this initiative is something I will cherish during my blogging years -which I intend to keep aplenty. In your own words: thank you, thank you, thank you!

Through the words of merlinspielen my Liebster Blog source:

The Liebster Blog Award is given to people with fewer than 200 followers, by their blogger peers.  [It is about running] a peer award system that is really a blog chain mail pyramid scheme to drive traffic to each other’s sites and feel good that their daily hits are climbing! [T]he Liebster Rules for all Liebsterites to follow:

  1. Thank your Liebster Blog Award presenter on your blog.
  2. Link back to the blogger who presented you with the award.
  3. Copy and paste the award onto your blog.
  4. Present the Liebster Blog Award to 5 bloggers with less than 200 followers.
  5. Let them know they have been chosen by leaving them a comment.

My selection of bloggers to award with the Liebster is as follows ([i]n no particular order):

1. joyandruin.wordpress.com

2. veronicasgarden.wordpress.com

3. thedawnerupts.wordpress.com

4. bobmillspoetry.wordpress.com

5. grandfathersky.wordpress.com

Happy blogging!

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Blogging is an Awarding Experience!

Thank you dear blogger friend, merlinspielen, for listing my blog as one of your Liebster Blogging Award/Honoree … Blogging is an Awarding Experience!.

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