“The Meeting”, a Poem

The Meeting

a painting by Pablo O’Higgins
catches the eye
it is said to be
representing unity within humanity
the banner on this artwork claims thus:
“Build a free world. No masters. No slaves.”
Signed: “Makers of the world united”

a portrayal of men only . . .
Caucasians only . . .
clothing . . . differentiated by class
mimics and gestures of the few front-view men
stress who has the last word

unity within humanity?
“Makers of the world united”?
i, for one, do not think so!

this visual art is more like an emphasis on hierarchy
amidst various segments of societal authority . . .

*This poem appeared in the April 2021 issue of The Year of the Poet (volume VIII), published by Inner Child Press International. The theme was to compose an ekphrastic poem (as in Ekphrasis Poetry) in view of the painting of focus below by Pablo O’Higgins.


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3 responses to ““The Meeting”, a Poem

  1. Hulya your right it is not meant for universal harmony comprised of all tribes and nations that constitute mankind. in reality it is as you wrote ” A portrayal of men only, Caucasinas only” The overall attitude excludes people of color, the billions of poor, struggling people’s of the earth. If so called White folk(falacy: there is no white folk like fallen snow, sheets on the bed etc) are superior to the rest of humanity why is the world in a broken, abused state. It can’t be the poor underprivleged peoples they do not possess the power to bring this world to its present state instead it has been severly impacted by the mismanagement via ‘ Curruption ‘ of the governments of the earth compounded by the utter distain those powerbrokers have especially for people of a darker hue. As far as ‘ people of color ‘ everyone is a person of color that collectively is comprised of a variety of colors, humanitiies mosaic. Character is the most important factor not cosmetics that was created for identity, diversity.

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  2. justbill12

    a portrayal of men only . . .
    Caucasians only . . .

    i find this to be quite the norm regardless of how unsettling it may be for the many cultures of ‘others’ who do not fit into the visionary expressions of many creative minds. Thank you so much for pointing this out. Such is the case of subliminal programming even in art, or how it affects art. Very Darwinian-Orwellian in concept though merged into one expression that says people like me have no place in the future of the minds of many. Sad!


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