A New Poem

disillusioned . . .

you must have faced a savage opposition
fanaticism ran deep also in your beloved country
your 1990 Nobel Prize for peace speaks for itself
you have overcome obstacles during your presidency

i often wonder these days
if your birth into the life of regular people
– not with a silver spoon in your mouth,
as we say here in the good ol’ US of A,
was what molded into the essence of you
your non-exclusive dedication to humanity,
to your people’s well-being and sanity

the entire world is now under the threat of a deadly virus
some countries’ leaders have taken – ever so swiftly –
effective measures to control its wide-reaching spread
among their populace – affectionately, all-inclusively –
everyone in every nation today needs such leadership direly
yet several self-serving holders of a seat of high command
go about their own business while they continue to demand
that we bow down, keep silent, and accept what is at risk,
not persist with our questioning
and not insist on our rights
which we are too close to losing
with a hastened move of the leading hand’s swing

oh, how welcomed it would be to have a peace icon like you
if only we could rise above these dark times – all intact –
as if reaching to touch a sky of hues in azure blue

oh, yes, i am,
about the good i believed that was all-embracing-ly true

(c) hülya n. yılmaz, August 15, 2020

This poem is one of my three submissions that will appear in the September 2020 issue of The Year of the Poet, published by Inner Child International. The year 2020 has been designated to Nobel Peace Prize recipients. September’s focus was Michail Sergeyevich Gorbachev.


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4 responses to “A New Poem

  1. ‘it’ is a welcomed perspective . . . yes, i so embrace your heart pleading sentiments. Bless Up !!!

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  2. Dear Hulya indeed in doing the forward for Sept. YOTP featuring this icon of a man amongst men Mikhail Gorbachev i was for the first time educated on his astonishing accomplishments as a man born in Russia to a poor peasant farming family into a totalitarian regime, coming up under the rule of a brutal dictator none less then the infamous Joseph Stalin and from those humble beginnings under the most difficult set of circumstances raising up to be one of the most influencial world leaders who had to deal with the party line’s status quo and to transcend that to achive levels of peace especially in Europe. With the so-called satellite states of the then Soviet Union and particularly playing a major rule in Unifying East and West Germany and calming down substantially if not totally ending the cold war with the West primarily the U.S.A. is simply astounding to me when you consider it all in context it would appear most unlikely. Your piece alludes to his stature and uniqueness as a world leader coming from a country like Russia setting him apart and above the fray under the most challenging circumstances. Good work indeed dear Hulya. P.S. …and ooh what a contrast with what we have now.

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    • My esteemed brother, my replies to comments failed today a few times already. So, if this is a duplicate, you’ll know what to do (smiles . . .) – I thoroughly appreciate your detailed commentaries on this site; for, I learn much from your insights, your wisdom, your knowledge of history, and much more. As for your last remark . . . “what we have now” is “what it is”.

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