A Prose-Poem on Audio and as Text

I Do!

Do you ever reminisce about our sensation? I do! I had lain on the emerald ground, unwrapping myself in the softness of your scent . . . alongside the compassionate creek of our first encounter . . . cradled by the rays of the afternoon sun.

Do you ever look back on the tiny ripples anew? I do! They had slowed down to honor our euphoric reunion. Witnessing our fiery souls flow into one another, learning and approving.

The wind envied our harmonious spread, and assembled its brutal forces. Thus came the abrupt end. Like a lightning. Fiercely brash.

I had kept my delicate “i” at bay, hoping for you not to float on. I have since pampered, re-dressed and preserved the ‘what ifs’ of our oft-resounding dread. They insist on haunting me yet. My old self thus is entangled in a merciless no-exit-thread.

Would you have possibly favored me instead, had I opted to defy the boulder at the barricade?

~ ~ ~
From my latest book, Letter-Poems from a Beloved (prose poetry), available at Inner Child Press International and at Amazon.com



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10 responses to “A Prose-Poem on Audio and as Text

  1. Orbindu Ganga

    Rekindled Memories…

    Words when gleaned aside to let the thoughts to explore from the genesis, the real essence of the thought is misted from the drops. The essence of each infinitesimal moves of the moment in milliseconds becomes a journey to unfold forever. The stillness is captured each time to be frozen to let not the breeze to kiss. The eyes are opened to visualise the essence of the stillness tightly woven. The fragrance of each dot from the dust is spread in the ambience to mist the heart. The velvet sneeze with the onshore of showers, creeping slowly. The poignancy within us seeing her move touches us to caress her and let her be with nature as the sun kisses her to make her delighted and lighted with joy.

    The thoughts ricochet more to spew the light to synergize the existing to move slowly and to drench to get lit to the ecstasy of nature’s love. The traces join and drain into the dust of new thoughts. The existing evince the way to the novice to take the baton forward, giving the just born the share of joy to be in a larger space to smile with a heart to moisten many in the journey. Some slices away while becoming the dust, the traits become a combination of many to veil a generation of freshness.

    Being imbued in the trance with the verisimilitude of truth, the less orderly cast a shadow to see the flow. The balancing traits still triumph in a world to acumen to leave no stones unturned. Unaware of the flow with incessant bliss being showered, the act to glance is withered in traces, the wind being blown to be rained down. With many to rescue her serenity, they are extracted to be drained and disappeared with her lashes.

    The self within me has always been the real formless mirror whom I talk endlessly to know thyself. I have kept the real within the self, to become a form for you to see. The formless is unlettered to be infinite and smiling. The dust formed from the finite is seen to the world to be smiled at. Less they know I have the formless being the real essence of me. Seeing my form is the layer you see, deep in my formless self is the painting I yearned to be observed and smiled at. Many truths are esoteric to be encircled within me, not be flowered to the world. But will it be accepted as I evince the complete self for the world, though the universe knows the real essence of me…

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    • It does not happen to me often, but at times I find myself failing the words to respond to commentaries such as the one you are offering me here, my dear Son. Please know that I treasure each thought of yours which transformed into an impeccable composition of meaningful words. I shall read your heart’s and mind’s delivery again and again, while I rely on the fact that you know how “the universe knows the real essence of me . . .” Thrilled and deeply touched for the time you have taken out of your daily life to not only listen / read my scribe but also to share with me your most valuable contemplations.


      • Orbindu Ganga

        Oh, Mother!

        I am awed by your oeuvre in this post. Everything is about you. The time which I spent is worth enough as the content and language are beautifully inscribed…

        I just gave my observations with my little thought within me. I am a learner, learning every day, I learnt from your oeuvre too, it was such a delight to spend some beautiful time spending on a literary piece by you and writing on it. I thoroughly enjoyed the day…

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        • My dear Son, I feel terrible for replying to you this late. I truly should be checking my settings in order to change them to receive notifications for comments. I am here once a week only. So, I am seeing all comments just now. Regarding your modest comment on learning from me: in my view, learning never stops. I learned and continue to learn from you – not only through your creative and contemplative writings, but also through your readiness and willingness to share with me and many others your incredible spirit. As for the “delight” of your mention, it is mine for knowing you and for having you as my son.


  2. Truly an inspirational and suggestive, poetic compose to reminisce.Thus so for we who sometime get bogged down on the habitual occupation of physical survival, the while neglecting the survival of ones soul ought follow your reminiscent ways, if but to survive the times life presently imposes on our presently fragile world. Good one Hüyla…!

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    • I routinely find myself sharing with you the same words, dear Jean-Jacques: Thank you! ‘Fragility’ is by which we all are inflicted at the present moment. Hence, the urge in me (I suppose) to reach to a past that has brought me utter joy, excitement, passion, embrace but also numerous learning curves.


  3. queenadelores

    Only you! Such phenomenal use of words my beloved Queen Sister Hulya! Bravo! You kept me captive from the first word verse/sentence/question! Btw… I’m sooo late. I didn’t know you had a new book. I will order my copy today! 🤗😘❤ Please keep your divine quill wet and flowing. ❤

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    • My beloved gorgeous sister, I thank you from the heart for your visit and supportive comment! Yes, my new book is out. I am working on my short story collection now. It will be a while, I assume, before I can call that one “done”. You know how it is. You be well and stay well too. Love and light!


  4. justbill12

    You are special in how you handle the crafting of imagery and the words to serve such art. In other words. BEAUTIFUL!!!💗💗💗💗

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