A Prose-Poem on Audio and as Text

After You

Have you ever eaten helva, my love . . . accompanied by the sizzle of the slowly melting butter – anxious in its wait to savor each sugar flake, while the aroma of the browning flour oozes into your delightful breath, and milk drops – raptured in a dance of a most delicate blend, craving the urge to taste the ultimate feast?

Have you ever made helva, my love, when its core ingredients were scarcely found?


* Helva is a traditional Turkish dessert; a sweet dish that is said to have originated in the Middle East and Central and South Asia.



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6 responses to “A Prose-Poem on Audio and as Text

  1. My pleasure dear Hulya and i appreciate your sincere warm responce. Much love, stay blessed be well insha’Allah.

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  2. hhhhmmmm . . . yummy . . . great imagery ….. love it . . .i can almost taste it.

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  3. Dear Hulya i grew up eating Helva as a treat. It was popular in New York City i love it. My favorite is Helva covered in dark chocolate. It’s packaged by ‘ Joyva ‘, it’s been around for years, i grew up with it. They spell it ‘ Halvah ‘ Yes it is a staple in the middle east. I know i had some in Saudi Arabia a number of times. I loved how you described making it stimlulated my senses and had a visual quality as well. Thank you well done.

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    • My esteemed brother, I thank you from the heart for taking the time to write me such a lovely commentary; but also for letting me know that the imagery reached to you. What more can we ask for? I also grew up eating “helva” as we spell it in Turkish. Throughout my time in the US, I found out about the various spelling options, depending on the country where it was also a popular dessert. Of course, then there were the funerals. After each, “helva” / “Halvah” / “Halvaa” would be served. In this prose poem, however, I had only recollection of the times when I made helva out of the blue, while still thinking about my loved ones who are no longer in what we perceive to be our reality. Thank you for your loving visit. Thank you for your uplifting comment.


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