the voice of silence
rustles in the night’s quiet
rivers always flow

(c) hülya n. yılmaz, 11.7.2019


Filed under Poetry, Reflections

4 responses to “A HAIKU

  1. justbill12

    Indeed. There is always movement. Eloquent simplicity is revealed in your brevity of verse. Very contemplative. 💗

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  2. Love it…To me that is the difference between poetry and short stories in the verse form of poetic influence. Both have their respective merits, appeals and beauty, save those that tell it all in a few words or lines, remain in my appreciation of the ultimate poetic expression, the truest form of the word poem!

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    • Know one thing, my dearest Jean-Jacques, an exceptional poetic talent of my eager and continued admiration: I so very much look forward to seeing you here, to be embraced by the warm insights of your comments. In utter gratitude for your kind and precious presence, I remain yours truly!

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