MIA . . .

I have been missing in action . . . In case my posts were missed, here is one for today . . . it is an old poem . . . hoping that it is not a duplicate . . .

sense me

find me
under my layers of make-believe

amid all that which was expected from me

and uncover my seven pawns
i let play along for too long

serve your heart to me
mine is there for us to share
the core of your soul will then see
that there are no veils over me

seek the real me

quest for me . . .

© hülya n. yılmaz, 11.28.2017


[Photo Credit: Self]


Filed under Poetry, Reflections

4 responses to “MIA . . .

  1. My dear Hulya, you do have a way with announcing your return that can but bring joy regardless of your poetry offering consolment being a duplicate or first time out. It is a good poem regardless, and a good poem always gives pleasure no matter how often one reads it. Good to hear from you as always!

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