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Our place of accommodations

[Photo Credit: Self; Venice, Italy ~ Summer of 2006]

would you like my child
for us to go back in time
and sail through trials

© hülya n. yılmaz, 10.13.2018


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3 responses to “. . .

  1. Ops message was meant to read Thank you Hülya ! But these stupid computer correctors disagreed. Sorry dear friend…


  2. Yes I would, in the days when I was not much more than a child, and I had adopted Venice that floats on water, as my favourite city. The days when in the summer evenings its Piazza San Marco was lined with fine restaurents which each had their live classical music and singers, that played in concert with one another while the patrons ate food as only Italians can prepare. Also a time when you could see beautiful Venice without shoulder to shoulder pedestrians, volume of which literally defaced its beauty. Your envious picture has me daydreaming of that then wonderful city and pleasurable years. Thank you for this Holy !


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