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“True freedom arises when you do not want anything from anyone else and so, from this fearless state, you will be at peace with yourself and all beings. This is the beautiful gift you will bring to the world by letting go of the addiction to ‘self’. One less being demanding that life always will please and satisfy them.” ~ Michael Kewley


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  1. Buddhism… but that we are tribal creatures, we humans, to which one can but imagine mister Kewley’s ultimate arrival or achievement of feeling free, find much of an audience able to embark on such his idea to a journey of freedom, save of course hermits or religious idealists.
    How for example can anyone not want love, or affection from a life partner, parent, or his or her own child, whether they get it or not, forced to do without, not wanting won’t make them free unless they are heartless. Beautiful words, but most definitely a debatable issue… well for me anyway, being a person who has always felt free and continue so, at times wanting, and others not wanting, without a change in feeling completely free.

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    • A most valid point you are making, dear Jean-Jacques. Unless one resorts to a Hermit’s life, how could one attain the freedom in question. Actually, you raise not just one but several valid points, the perhaps the most vital one to sieve through being the love of a partner, a family, and beyond. A debatable issue? I am in full agreement with your point of view at all of its sensitively and analytically expressed levels. Thank you for not allowing my post unresponded!


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